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  1. my skill is average, silver always, sometimes tryhard, sometimes feel easy.
  2. it doesnt matter, when i play at night, there always been full in bronze district.
  3. I learned a lot from posts above. then LO should buff the range and minimal damage to 200+ to make this gun playable.
  4. I got a Corsair and I lost each CQC encounter in matches. I could only frag the enemies when they didn't notice I was attacking on their back. I picked the Reflect Sight 3 and Tagger, I was able to land a shot with a red crosshair sticker on my screen when I was sprinting. (I got the stats of Corsiar from APBDB that the Sprint Modifier is 1, which means I could land a shot when sprinting.) Which modification should I pick ? Which playstyle/tactics should I learn ? I know there is the limits of drop off range at 30m, If anyone used it well, he would be the best guy who passed the Corsair challenge.
  5. i ve been experienced the sudden disconnection on PC. When i re-logged in, whole instance i ve played just vanished. Financial-3 disappeared , we jumped into Financial-5.
  6. can you post a reply when maintenance finished?
  7. WILL be there, Ask whether the APB updates the new engine or new map just after the waking up from the 10-years medical hibernation.
  8. The Corsair is too expensive for me to experience. Sure, i didn't see players use the Corsair in match.
  9. I like guns from WWII, too. I like M1 Garand / BAR / FG-42 / SVT-40, Even the Old Winchester rifle.
  10. I really like to use OSCAR but the model of it is just a OBIR without Scope. Please put a handsome one same as what the STAC-10 did to the Joker SR15.
  11. 6 minutes skip makes it hell. why not remove some activities that people skipped often ?
  12. PlayBad


    Tell support staff to look into it. there will be a trade lock when you change your game rig.
  13. i think you should remove some hard activities, i tried 10 times death to complete grenade kill and pistol kill.
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