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  1. I wounder why they are only attacking Jericho, i been playing in Citadel the last few days and its been pretty much fine over there.
  2. they haven't posted anything about it on the forums yet i don't think.
  3. Looks like all you need to do is create an Alienware Arena account and click on the APB giveaway.
  4. I'm not a mod but can we go back on topic, if y'all want to fight which is better Building or Buying a PC make a topic in the off-topic section.
  5. even tho its not much just a ok skin on a crap car but At least there is a brand willing to work with LO to do something kinda unique.
  6. its really hard to even find them with the search function, I'm trying to get links to there statements to show someone the new rulings.
  7. Hey I'm Looking for official statements from LO about the rulings on Shaders &Advance launcher. please link them below I'm having a hard time finding them.
  8. Congrats on all of those who made the SPCT Team I trust most of them, some never heard of but I'll trust they'll make the right decisions on stuff to make this game great again.
  9. Even tho this has nothing to do with servers restart, But ForeverCrooked is right the eula needs updating i just skimmed through it and one of the things that caught my eye was the mention of PunkBuster which i believe was taken out in late 2016 and there are a few other things, its definitely worth telling @MattScott about.
  10. looks like its being fixed in the latest patch
  11. @MattScott @Lixil @Androvald someone please fix this, it's really not worth playing if the Event Daily missions are bugged.
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