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  1. I would have prefered to not sell smth that special to an on-existent "company". 10-4, leaving the area.
  2. 99% of everything indeed, except APB Reloaded, so.
  3. Hold on, Hold on hahaha ... I can't believe in what You are posting. I couldn't really stay away from this topic, alredy from it's title. You didn't nothing wrong, and no offense but what you wrote is 100% incorrect. 1. The video got uploaded from a random youtube account, which seems to be another one of those anime/japenese/chinese childs who happen to cut off some of the parts of the official reveal trailer of All Points Bulletin, APB in short. 2. Like i said in the first, it's All coming from different if not the same trailer for the game that got publisher maybe 11+ or i think even 12 years ago. 3. APB never been mobile and if it will, will suck. like Retribution. Always been a PC game, which i alredy struggle to understand why they bringed it to consoles And they sold the IP to a non-existent company, but i will talk abotu that later in this same comment. 4. Unit Game don't have an official website, any informations, any games, any STRONG IP like they mentioned into the first And last words we heard from the press that Matt published. They don't even have a facebook page, a twitter page, a youtube channel, if you search on Google you can't even find it. The Only thing you can find is of course the apb.com site which of course, they took from RTW hahaha, just because their IQ must be so high to think "If we take the original domain they will trust us, they will follow us". Dude, nobody know nothing about this """""company/group""""" whatever they are. I really wish though @MattScott give us some infos. How does a company sold OUR game, OUR IP, to a non-existent group? What is the trick? Because as i see, there haven't been 0 infos about that situation till the announcement, which now is close to reach 1 Year. Is it a big scam? Is LO scared to talk with its community? Because we need to know that. I don't care about predicting shit, i want some words from Little orbit. or this, my man, as i said before, is just a money scam or some shit happened. PS Oh, btw, the trailers (Quick search on YT > APB official Trailer) Just be sure next time to check A BIT better. I hate lies, just that. PPS Oh btw, Unit Game doesn't exist. With that being said, 10-4, leaving the area. Wow, a website done in 2 minutes, nice. Listen.. is better if you just.. you know? Trust in what peoples are telling. You really look blind man, no offense i repeat.
  4. I honestly put dislike when i don't agree or i find the idea idiotic or dumb, or not useful, why remove an important function? "hurt other people on the forums"? With a dislike? Are you.. serious? Man.. is a Forum, Virtual Forum, where thigns can be good, things can be bad. if you feel hurt for somethign virtual then idk how you can survive in the real life which is so much worse honestly. The downvote button is there like for the upvote one. 10-4, leaving the area, false alarm.
  5. Not a bug, not a cheat, is just apb. Oh and welcome inside the bug train. PS Pay attention, you could get killed if you sit inside some seats and will not respawn, so be sure to pick the right one
  6. Nah. Im starting to see something.. but you guys really need to push and work hard to bring much more. We need changes for the car spawner, bug fixes and maybe an anti-griefing method. Update Approved. PS Even the spawn itself need a touch, i hate spawning behind or in front of an enemy, no sense.
  7. Nah, not another trash gun like the northwest or the other one.. we have alredy the Yukon which.. is alredy not that good, i wouldn't push on the secondary side in that way. Idk.. im curious to see with what they come up with.
  8. Colby M-1922 'Classic' should be added into the Joker Store, like the Colby Commander which is the Colby Classic, even if there is alredy one i think? Im not sure.
  9. Considering the real life chances, well.. not really odd? I mean.. is possible to stole a taser from a cop. If i would say "ye just put a pig gun that shoot 10 rockets per click" that's odd and disgusting. But as for gun abilities and being unique, a stun gun would be fun even on criminals. Imagine taking an enforcer as hostage as mission, where criminals can zip ties him/her and as objective you need to save your colleague. Is just thinking, wondering, nothing really concrete. Like.. in APB the only "Enforcer-Criminal" real parts are robbering stores and pursuits, witness criminals and stuff like that, as missions few others, but there isn't really nothing specific. And this alredy always soudned a bit off in the game honestly. I just don't want another classic "legendary" that's a copy-paste from others or a reskin or any other.
  10. Thanks to you guys. I will be there. 10-4.
  11. If they really want to add a legendary, then the only missing should be a stun one. A legendary stun gun, definetely wishing for it since a bit of time now. As for his type and class, idk? Not shotgun, maybe a pistol? Or.. idk.. im just suggesting.
  12. CPU: i9 9900k 5.3 GHz GPU: RX 5700 2026 MHz RAM: 4x 8GB Corsair Dominator Pro 3600MHz DDR4 OS: Windows 10 Pro 64 bit v2004 (latest) It needs work, so much work, but the graphical changes looks phenomenal, really, good job there. Let's jump into more details, but before i hope LO will make the beta in EU next time, because it was totally uplayable, not only for me but for friends i had in there and even other peoples. - White and black looks so fake - Lighting is broken - Some other colours are too shiny and washed out - Asylum roads are just shit to drive on with cars, you will end up flipping, with Any vehicle - Problems while rendering correct details about the characters - Vegas don't wheelie - Something is wrong with OPGL - Shotgun crossair needs to be changed to the original one, or at least reworked - Bold font looks so childish and not really in the art of the game - Really don't like the darker style in general Bugs: - Game crashes when tryign to sell anything to the contacts after pressing OK - You can access an unnaccessible area and put the objective - Undestructble object all over the place, even fances, small bridges and other envoriment things - Grey screen appear sometimes, without the possibility to choose the respawn location - Game still freezes and drop frames during swap or selecting different locations of the character details (J), for example when selecting between themes and graffiti - Unsynced doors (known bug) - Audio issues (known bug) - in some places if you keep run and jumping on invisible walls you start to fly up, example in the social, in front of the yacht area - Floating envoirment props and objects around Asylum I would have prefered this to stay up till the next and so on, so we would be able to try out more and find more strange things and issues to solve. See you in the next one. 10-4.
  13. Nininininijaaaaaavidddddddd. Mostly agree on all points btw, excluded explosives. Pass over, 10-4.
  14. Didn't expected this, but before saying "F*ck, wonderful changes!" i need to see the actual touch in-game wednesday.
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