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  1. 1. Armas trials always been there. 2. There is no requirement rank for this system to work properly with Any character or account, unless the company locked you out of that in some way (?). 3. 35% off also always been there and always worked (at least for me). 4. You can't try out guns you alredy tried and not exactly 100% of them is avaiable as Free Trial. To avoid reactions to this comment like > "Jeahh Alisha, but you didn't got any proofs of that really being a thing blah blah " Aight, lemme show you, and remember, if you don't know something, don't comment. Example taken: CASE 'The Bolo' NFCP 3 Item Link: Click here Images: > > Date of this try: July 4th 2020 at 10:10 AM
  2. 2 hours and 20 minutes of login screen, character select and district select, followed by crashes and being kicked out. Visiting forums and seeing Sakebee, Matt, posting 30 milion topics just for the open beta, commenting even on more of them, making everyone confused. That's enough. Cannot imagine you guys would do worse than how you alredy did. Bye, i guess i will be back when you finally learn how to properly set up at least the login servers, or another company that will buy this poor game once again, or when it shutdown. Since that time, cya, imma goin to play some beautiful games that doesn't even need a server to play with. Disgusting and pathetic.
  3. Priorities should be toxicity and customer support response times. @MattScott
  4. Prob, who knows, only LO knows stats.
  5. Indeed, idk why everyone just having problems. I have an antivirus always checking my files system.
  6. Never share what you really think, because you will get f*cked Is better to just stay around looking the situation from far away.
  7. AlishaHutt


    Sadly many, Many items remove or don't fit with these others you just said, also the majority of the backpacks can't be weared with below other special vests.. i hope this to change in the future. because i could wear anything i want mixed IRL, and i think there aren't limitation on this inside a game.
  8. Let's wait and see, tho i think they will not touch that thing you talked about, they could make the joekr store more bigger, remove the walls behind and do a huge new area. I miss the theater. #RIPSOCIALMOVIETHEATER2012
  9. Yeah.. well i think optimization and too many characters with different cars/designs is too heavy and servers can't handle it, like 12 deaths of christmas event.
  10. Totally wrong. As i can see another SPCT not knowing actual things. Just.. like.. if you don't know something at least don't fake the answer, just say "i don't know". Yep ^, exactly, happened to me also in full districts, and no, not any of us left or any other crashed/quitted. 1 v 1 legit.
  11. Good luck, i just hope LO choose good designs and in lore with the Joker Store.
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