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  1. I can say that i would be ashamed to know who Teach peoples behind the tickets. (not an offense, just what i think) I had lost the access to icloud after losing my iphone, i needed to wait for Apple to recover it and they did it, called me this morning, talked a bit vocally and i could log inside my authenticator, and get the access again, in the meantime i opened a ticket for asking to disable my 2FA, and not only the support answered 2/3 days after my ticket, which is not useful for who needs a fast help, but they also asked me questions that shouldn't be took into consideration and skipped others. In add, After i updated the ticket saying i had recovered by myself, ( THANKS to Apple) and not to LO, specifying i wanted the ticket to be close and i didn't needed any more help, they answered me with this: "Hello ************, unfortunately, the information you provided doesn't match any of the accounts we show in our system. Let us know if you need any further assistance. Regards, ************" 1. I know my account, my brain is still capable of recognizing things; 2. They didn't even answered to my successful recover but instead just put up some random throwed stuff; 3. Support Never asks for last 4 numbers of your credit card nor sends a verify addebit to your bank to Verify you are the owner but simply asks about useless things that doesn't even count if you don't answer to the Only essential one for them, Transaction ID/s. (((SUGGESTION FOR THE FUTURE))) Transaction ID.. something that is Only present inside a useless, buggy, broken, messy, not understandable automated empty message you get in your e-mail when you charge G1C. (BTW the Game Name is still missing LO, congrats, that's listening.) I am 100% sure what i told in the answers to the questions, because upon checking by MYSELF, i clearly knew i was right, bday, registration, old tickets names and what, character names and servers. But, Clearly, someone don't know how to work, or someone at LO didn't teach them enough/at all to answer like that. ((( IRONIC ))) I must say something, i am CLEARLY not the owner of this account, naaah, i am just somebody who randomly wanted to recover a random account which Casually had every single information, and thanks to my authenticator recovery could log in back and disable it, re-enabling it in a more safe and protect way, to AVOID situations like that, because i know, i knew, LO would act like that. ((( IRONIC ))) Little Orbit, i Beg you, BE and DO BETTER, this is atrocious and horrible. That's also why i never contact support, because i know alredy what i am going into. p.s. Oh and i guess, thanks for the help.. p.s.s. Keep asking the same childish questions, not the real serious ones, who cares about credit card infos and purchase history. Support Vote: -1/10 Feedback: Forget to contact them.
  2. Joined first! Servers alredy up. Wanna see what was the surprise?
  3. Accouny Bound Lifetime items are only through Armas, it was planned to work like that, as intended. Joker Store only sells Character Lifetime items. i don't know about the future but the way they done it was like that.
  4. ^ basically, everyone do what they desider to do, you don't need to be professional or to be good at the game, if you enjoy stream and share things, go ahead.
  5. Who knows, in this world full of sh*t, and full of health problems, i myself have alredy helth problems normally. isn't easy to deal with your brain when thinking at things, but im going off-topic, so i stop here.
  6. It's a nice thing for us. Respect? Just for putting free premium? I mean if you think so okay, but i see it differently. AAAAAAlright, i heard enough. Why are you that happy? To stay home and use masks for the next 5 years? If you want to go ahead, but i wish this situation to end as soon as possible, there is no time to waste in a human life. And i don't care about free premium, i care about being good, healthy, and stay protected.
  7. Consider your "expensive stuff" as 1 dollar. A company needs an insane amount of money to run a game like this one, they need to pay servers, the anti-cheat, the licences for the songs (if and when they expire), the workers, and everything else. Consider also LO doesn't have only APB, but they are rebuilding Fallen Earth, and have released other games. Actually, because of the Free Premium, they are losing approximately >$108.000 < which is pretty high and worrying for a small company like them. Now, i don't know exactly how many buy thingso n Armas, if they do or not, and how much money LO make, but i am sure about that they are losing some profit, that's 100%. Will never be enough to sostain the game by players as of now. Even if you would spend 5000 each month, will not be enough, companies have their standards and they need alot of money, especially when having multiple games behind, like this one.
  8. Is better than nothing, and the normal game, honestly, s**** actually.
  9. No.. or why would you unlock them then? Anyway, as i said, no, once you unlocked the cosmetics you can use them through all the years, as you wish obviously.
  10. What about Autumn Assault? Do you have any plans for this month before christmas? @Sakebee
  11. 4:13 up to 4:42, when you meet up with a speed hacker or when a sort of situation happen. I don't react like that but inside my brain, is similar.
  12. Because you have 2FA enabled, even if you change password every time you want or put how many chars you want, doesn't mean you are 100% protect. In 2020, especially.. hackers and the privacy get violated much easier because of holes in the systems that are vulnerable, companies can fix them, but there will be Always alternative methods to brute force something, or to just simply cheat. If your "LO did everything correct" sentence was really that, there won't be cheaters, there won't be theme stealers, there won't be glitch and exploit abusers, and there won't be many other things related to company responsability. Isn't easy as you think to solve something like that.
  13. If it works for you doesn't mean it works for everyone.
  14. It doesn't fail, you can still login even if the codes changes you still use the same one the app told you 1 min ago. Oh btw, yes, even 2FA can be brute forced or bypassed in the most gg way, like hackers do with youtubers, they just duplicate your browser/pc so they don't need any password or code, they are alredy logged it, but that's an issue related Chrome, idk if this thing can be done on other browsers or in other ways. Changing passwords and activating 2FA Can help, but isn't secure anymore in 2020 even with those active. If the video is true and if that guy can do things like take emails and psw easy peasy like nothing, who got auth off is f*, maybe he/she has also a 20 chars password that nobody can even think of.
  15. The thing is, LO need to address this and make a statement, not only ban him or smth, they need to make progress, to upgrade the defenses, to avoid these situations again, and they need to let us protect our accounts in a better way, because like that.. isn't any good.
  16. Yeah, exactly. Alright.. who is this failed ******* who is doing this to APB?
  17. Even when you reset the password to change it, when the new link opens up the page doesn't even ask you the old password, like you alredy put it, but you didn't. Hackers free.
  18. So.. the thing is.. how do you know that is a sure thing happening/ed? I would trust more LO if they were giving informations or known about all that "situation". What's the point of hacking inside another account and speed hacking around. Seems like stories from hackers when they get banned and they try to say they are innocent, you know? "I wasn't playing, was my brother" or "I wasn't at home, someone stole my PC and hacked inside APB" etc. Look.. i don't wanna say this, but feels weird that peoples hacks inside accounts just for themes, i mean.. anything is possible, yes, but idk.. 2FA in this game is badly implemented, only way to have it is with authenticators apps, you can't receive codes to your e-mail, you can't receive codes to your phone, and you can't even set-up Multiple apps, while in most of the other platforms, programs, websites, you can do that. I always thought of a better implementation of it, maybe some rework is needed, but LO never looked into it, or at least until now, we still have 1 poor option out of a thing that not Should, but Must be a priority. We are talking about accounts where peoples can spend, much money, and this type of protection is just humiliating, little to nothing. Is still something, yes, but not up with the standards of our privacy, our accounts. I can understand this poor 2FA on forums, alright, but on G1.com and in-game, this is.. not helpful at all. Not talking about the fact that most of times is bugged and you need to insert the code Every time you change character. yes, i know about the "Token" thing inside G1.com but is broken and sometimes (always for me) keeps asking the code even tho i check "Remember this device". WE NEED MORE OPTIONS, OUR ACCOUNTS MUST BE MORE PROTECT AND SECURE, BECAUSE WE SPEND MONEY ON THEM.
  19. Glitches are always the same ones, they never fixed them, is different, while is community fault keep abused them, is also fault of the companies leaving them working in the game, without giving a f*. The last and only thing useful they did was banning back in 2017. But in anyway.. those glitches working years ago, and spots, still works, except 2 of them that were "fixed" by LO.
  20. Alright, thank you for this info. Can delete/close this topic as your choice mods.
  21. ooowhh.. So you can't buy only one item out of it? you can only pay less if you alredy own some of them?
  22. I tried it, but the game gave me the entire bundle, i couldn't buy only the spray legs like you said. i didn't own any item inside that bundle because as enfo, that bundle isn't avaiable on Armas.
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