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  1. 175 fps when the game is capped at 145.01, k. Im out from dis.
  2. Don't expect new players without advertising, the game basically s*cks and suffer from bugs and glitches everywhere.. Without engine upgrade they can't really do nothing. But it will not save it.
  3. It's not closing, servers are fine for my experience.
  4. Yes, so the game will die, because a F2P game without microtrasactions can't take nothing as real money value. ARMAS needs to stay and if they decide to remove it they will for sure add something else to not bankrupt or close down the game.
  5. They need money anyway, so. I don't think many peoples still spend into the armas.
  6. I know that, but.. idk man, let's see.
  7. There are many issues with the map collisions and you can also fall through it with the entire car or body of your character, is a bit more complicated but is possible. also nades sometimes fall through it.
  8. Don't spend them then, maybe you will be lucky and they will put up some Limited Time Offers sometime but you need to stay up-to-date every weekend (Friday/Saturday). Each week they "release" 3/4 single items and you can buy them more easily.
  9. Sure, why not, but they fixed like.. 0.1% pf all the bugs and broken things i have reported since 2018, so i don't have much hope, i just want the EU to be out so they can finally merge and.. do all the stuff without posponing it every single time.
  10. I also would Love new shoes, the only ones they have put as Limited Time Offer were elegant ones. I wish to get Nike and other types.
  11. *Mayan Bundle* or should i say Black Moon Bundle Remastered? Idk guys.. all these bundles seems so copy-pasted. Just look at the price of them. I bought it anyway because i need to waste my last G1C.
  12. No sales are being displayed cuz you are not logged it or you don't have premium, if you are logged in and have premium you will see the standard amount which is > 20%.
  13. That's how APB works, nothing to be surprised about.
  14. You can't care about this thing, existing since.. years. If you love the game stay, if uou don't, well.. leave. Not difficult. Yes, it happens to everyone. Good players using ntec all black style with visual and strange modifications to the style of the game? LOL, classic depressed humans. I play most of the times alone and i can win, i can loss, i don't care, if is fun no worries for me.
  15. Next time try to be at least more gentle. You just needed to spend 5/10 minutes into the forums. It stays into Social District (General Discussion) Sub-section of APB Forums.
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