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  1. Alright, i don't wanna be hateful against Little Orbit, but you guys challenging me to open several topics just to answer. Am i wrong or isn't written nowhere that you are changing gun names and removing colours from them with the recent patch and the future ones? "This was intended." - by Selali But why then you guys didn't put this into the patch notes? I don't think im asking too much. PS you also wrote multiple times RT1, PR2/PR3 in few gun names.
  2. From what i've seen, that depends from player to player, im not experiencing this, but sometimes i get spikes and disconnects all over the place. Some players have my same issues, others not, but definetely servers need some upgrades, cuz of the population boost we got in the last month/2.
  3. No problems, always happy to help. Is not good at all for veterans, i alredy have all titles and achivements with my characters, since years. And still if i don't, normal titles are starting to annoy me, we need some unique ones. This Engine Upgrade MUST be perfect, after all these years of waiting and all the content cut/delayed. I hope it to be that. Thansk for reading Sakebee, very appreciated. Agree with you. Should be there something else to do for us, im annoying in these days, i thought i could do the event but nothing, i can do it only if i male a new character, which i will not only for this event.
  4. Is none of my business to check these type of things sadly, i would like to know who make these patches, who don't even check what they do before moving everything to LIVE. Very gentle, thanks
  5. Poor words, making a new character i discovered that 50% of my guns, bought from ARMAS, are now Joker Store Distribution versions, not anymore gold or purple, just white. Examples: I know, just names and couple stats/mods, but still, i have spent so much money into them years ago, and i want them back like they always been, golden ones, purples etc. Im now going to open a ticket but just for reference and to let everyone know that patch broke something behind there. Thanks for reading. @Amayii
  6. It will come back (maybe), said by Matt.
  7. Seriously, APB events need a complete rework, or some of them totally deleted and remade differently, create new ones etc. I got that we are in quarantine and Little orbit has no time of course for this + the engine upgrade should be.. soon? Beta i mean, so why would they do new events but still.. this one killed my brain, like.. really, is annoying. To find the Egg launcher sometimes everyone searches it for 10/15 minutes without even finding it, spawns in strange places or somewhere hidden behind objects, peoples are alredy crazy because they can't go out from their houses, now they also need to stay calm and find that launcher. No order for the event, agreed, is just randomly placed, peopels running all over the places, killing each others, stealing eggs and killing chickens and bunnies to avoid others to take them. I stopped playing it since couple years when i found that, you got more titles but for what? You will just put another one up after 1/2 weeks max, no special titles, no rainbow ones, just.. yellow/any other color, no any specific and unique ones, peoples would unlock all of them if was more special, but at this point, seems only a 100% recycled event every year, without any changes (except JT's). I wanted LO to finish the engine upgrade but they keep releasing JMB's, which isn't something i was expecting + they recycled sound and maybe more stuff, so it isn't 100% a new gun, i was expecting more, a bit more effort to put into a gun locked behind a paywall. What is good is that they fixed some bugs and removed RIOT tutorial finally, but they didn't completely removed achivements of it, objects, contact and more. Also behind that i expected a bit more attention. The gas station spawns.. this is disgusting, what can i say abotu that.. only that they MUST fix this, is there since the beginning, never fixed.
  8. Yes, returning it right now, during a quarantine period which wil lcause me to stay without my pc for a while. What a suggestion. Latest driver version > 20.3.1 In anyway im going to change it for a 2080 Ti after the quarantine ends. First and last AMD card by me. Disaster. No offenses for others, it's personal.
  9. YUP, which are approximately.. what.. like.. $315 or less, idk, but not more than $400. In couple months we will for sure see everyone wearing crown, firebombing around. nothing x)
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