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  1. онлайн нужен ньюфагам которые качают связных и лвл, нам же старым кхэ игрокам нужны наши персонажи а на онлайн. Хочешь онлайн подрываешь жопу и катишься на цитадель и страдаешь до потери пульса со всякими флавсами.
  2. because then 4game was not updated and the entire database of purchases in Armas Apb was available to users
  3. CookiePuss this problem would not have happened if it had been done in 2017
  4. the average cost of a set of clothes was 15-25$
  5. thanks, I will lose Armored pack 1679g1 Criminal Halloween Clothing 2692g1 Criminal High Roller Bundle 2241g1 Criminal Dress to Kill Clothing 794g1 S1 Racing Gear 477g1 Paramilitary Bonus Pack 959g1 Tactical Gear Bonus Pack 959g1 Wargear Bonus Pack 959g1 Schoolgirl Pack 836g1 Goth Schoolgirl Pack 954g1 Skateboard Backpack 199g1 Alice Band Pack 245g1 beret 99G1 cat ears 49g1 cigarette 49g1 Desert Scarf 49g1 Devil-Horn Alice Band 49g1 Hand Wraps 49g1 Headphones 49g1 High Top Boots 49g1 Leather Ankle Boots 99g1 Knee Pads Knee Pads 49g1 Tactical Boots 99g1 Criminal Bishada Spectre Kit 1029g1 Bishada Mako Racing Bundle 1999g1 V20 Nightrider 4A 1599g1 Performance Kit MEGA Pack 1111g1 Cisco Chimera Kit 712g1 Cisco Racing Kit 775g1 Mikro Compact Kit Pack 1039g1
  6. transfer completely those 20 people who remained on the Necrova, with their presence they proved love for this game manually check accounts
  7. Is it really so bad with finances? that old players are forced to buy the same clothes second/third time ?
  8. I not against to lose all $/JT perks and weapons leave only packs of clothes and cars/symbols Sorry, google translate
  9. How will my clothes and symbols ruin your economy? I do not have million$ and no weapons to sell but I have items that are dear to me like a memory
  10. Picture removed. all the necessary information was provided to the partners. - support innova
  11. 7000 hours of game with obt and you just make me a wipe and transfer an empty character. Why do you hate us so much? the database with the players was transferred before the armas became free database copied - 13 December armas free - 27 December https://vk.com/apbre?w=wall-32171148_684978
  12. ну и смысл от такого переноса? rip 2012-19, удачи оставаться я сваливаю с этой игры. Спасибо за ложные надежды.
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