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  1. and I'll be honest, that's this empty transfer, people do not add, I loved the game back in 2014,I invested a lot of time,money,effort to something of this character came out,and now everything goes into the abyss!!!
  2. Yes you have fun, you wasn that the lost in his life?and me not will fun playing an empty 255 character,I have not will those things which I bought!!!meaning,I'm not talking about guns,I can play standard,we are talking about things!!!
  3. leave nekrou such as it was,I don't want this transaction I will be pleased to play with the server on a 20x20,and know that the things I have not wasted bought with my own money!!!
  4. well, I do not understand how you can play empty,with 100 currency,it is pointless to know that everything flew into the void.RIP APB WAS FUN,BUT PERHAPS IT IS TIME TO SAY GOODBYE
  5. Very interesting and how to play naked with valutec 100k,so I don't think after this parnosa,you animate online in the game,all the players that are left with nothing they just leave it,the point of being empty!!!
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