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  1. Dude those were BDO employees. Selling gold in their own game is accepted Asian business practices. In APB however, it's simply a symptom that this new game management is inadequate to control their tiny game.
  2. Think he's talking about after the new engine upgrade changing the code so new cheats have to be coded to compensate.
  3. It's a crosshair overlay not a mumble hotkey. It used to be allowed, if he's a return player, he may not know that it's not allowed any longer. I still don't see any proof of cheating, I think banning his stream was kinda overboard and why we don't have any population attracted to the game. The overlay crosshair is helpful, I used it a few years ago, but not dramatically so and it doesn't help you win in any way.
  4. ^This is why I don't even believe in the Engine Upgrade. FF was on manual BTW with Tiggs calling the shots. that's not even investing in the actual FailFight program. What we have now, is essentially nothing, since well all know BattLEye is bypassed. And yeah, sorry but ANYTHING is better than nothing. Let's see.... invest in an old poorly coded, hacked game, start out by amnestying all the old banned cheater accounts (yes many false bans among them) and VOILA!~ 2019~ Taadaaa
  5. There's an extremely fine line for LO to walk continuing to rely on an already bypassed anticheat and having cheaters move from closet to blatant brazenly. At this rate there won't even be a gaming population left for their engine upgrade. A totally hacked game is out of control. If LO can't figure this out, all their hard work is going to be ruined. They need to bring back FairFight and put a couple of GMs in-game at random times to temp kick on the fly.
  6. I know this is what we're "supposed to do" primarily using the /report and all, but HONESTLY it is NOT the role of the playerbase to police the game. It takes MONTHS for the small staff to painstakingly analyze reports and look for external indicators of a possible cheat..... but in your face speedhackers should be booted out of district at least within the hour if the company had any active GMs who know how to monitor a game. The fact that obvious cheaters are leveling up and playing for weeks means a lot of regular players have been turned away and are no longer playing. That's as broken as it gets. Unmoderated, dead games always have these kinds of issues. A sign of health in a game is booting the obvious cheaters on the first sign of cheating. Closets of course are a very hard call and take a lot longer. When this company uses the SAME CRITERIA for analyzing obvious cheaters as it does for on-the-fence closet cheaters... the game is doomed, not even G1 went so low as to leave them in game to alienate the potential consumer playerbase.
  7. I don't understand why people think this is a fixed game already. Consider it like playing an alpha version full of bugs and exploits and a million old issues, garbled unoptimized code and wonky performance, server crashes and even ddos. But we have the HOPE... That LO is fixing that wonky code and planning to make a far better iteration of the game we all love. Later, after we have a new engine make complaints. Why complain about what's already broken?
  8. ^this Welcome back LAPDAlonzo. You were hilarious. Alonzo was like the noob with a sniper rifle who bravely rushes into a building camped by 3 ocas and shouts "HACKS."
  9. I think this is a biased and unfair poll. If the BE used now is only 34 bit and prone to hacker bypassing, but the team is working to upgrade the APB engine to 64 bit... then BE 64 bit version would probably work a whole lot better... so why should they waste money buying 3,4,5,6,7, anticheat systems for like 1000 players.... when it's sort of an alpha play at your own risk at rn... but it will be improved as they make the updates to the game....Hard to judge how well BE will actually be once we are using a different and better version of BE. LOL so true... but... why are they playing in bronze district which kinda invites rage hacusating fever.
  10. What's this topic even about? My brain got fried trying to read the posts. I'm pretty sure the game code is vulnerable to hacks right now. I'm also pretty sure MattScott and Lo team are working to make an engine upgrade fix and private anticheat and have the people who know what they're doing to work on it... if they don't they game is dead. If they do it will make them some money. I for one will be thrilled to invest in an APB reboot on a new. improved engine. Hopefully all the weaknesses of the game we suffer through right now are helping the team develop the improvements we need.
  11. There is such a tiny playerbase... and those who continue to play will be "ignored" because they're not worth listening to... So are you actually saying there are no cheats in-game anymore? I mean, if the playerbase is daily writing about a problem with cheaters... and there are problems with BattLEye being bypassed.... but LO should ignore these concerns as worthless... well... sounds like people such as YOU want the game to die. There's another huge problem with skill levels, and premade gold dethreaters who tryhard troll the bronze districts daily, for hours, relentlessly, preventing any actual new players from coming into the game. I'm sure many of them are wrongly perceived by the lesser skilled players as "cheaters" when they really aren't. But if someone encounters a match with cheaters... and we can spot them, often trainee accounts the go ballistic and get super high scores with seemingly no effort and wreck everybody, including golds... and then for the next two hours matches the hardcore high rank trolls... it is going to create the impression that cheating is endemic to this game. So, what should LO do about it? IGNORE everyone's sincere concerns or that they take the time to post them? Some of it is a matter of perception. A reputable business would intervene and ask WHY are some players having this perception about our game and what can we CHANGE to save it before it's done. But IGNORE? Well, that's a guarantee of failure to keep that tiny population isn't it. I hope you aren't working for this company because this is the kind of arrogance that will destroy this game... or what's left of it. Not to mention your forum hostility to other people's genuine opinions right or wrong.
  12. The people who desperately deny the obvious cheats are worthless to the new company. It's sad to see the old cheater fanbois circle around MattScott and LO and giving them a load of bad advice.
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