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  1. Well its funny. Cuz there is no events on Citadel lol. Atleast i cant find it ...
  2. Thats very interesting idia . I personally think it would be cool and it will bring new ways of matching your style.
  3. I dont think my PC is an issue when i can run other games smoothly and streaming them at 1080p60fps. Same goes with APB. And as ive said allready my PC didnt had this issue before.
  4. Yeah. It happend to me too, but not that much. The highest point i got was (before alt+tab 23) after 42.
  5. Hey guys. I wanted to ask if im the only one having problems with Alt+Tabing from APB. I dont know why but for some reson my game after few Alt+Tabs drops FPS to 50-67 and does not want to go higher (normally i have around 95-120). Im not using any external launchers configs etc. or any programs to launch game through such as Razer Cortex etc. also i dont have much programs (nothing warez) on my PC since its fresh reinstalled + im not touching anything in task manager such as program priority etc. Dont anyone know where can be problem? And why is this happening? Btw: It was never happening before and i didnt found noone having same issue or solution PC Spec.: i5 4460, GTX 960 4GB Ix Oc, 8GB HyperX Savage, System installed on ssd Thanks for every suggestion and tip what can cause this.
  6. Yeah... Thats the worst think to possibly happend
  7. I dont think its DDoS but it can be. We havent recived any info about server status so far so cant really tell... But i hope its not. We all know it looked last time when the DDoS was happening. Hope LO will give us some information...
  8. Hey guys i just wanted to ask if im the only one lagging out of cover and glitching over map on Citadel servers. Ive been playing this whole day and somewhere around 19:30 servers started laggin for me and i had really big pocket loss / random ping from 30-150, but my internet connection is fine. Any resons why? Or ideas?
  9. Have same problem. Its not that big as other writed here but still its noticible that im not hitting all of my shots.
  10. Most of the people doing this becouse they want to enjoy the game and not do their best / tryhard to not die every 10 seconds trying to win mission. I never was in this kind of group of players, im my self very hmm... Not even tryhard, i would call it diehard... Basicly im one of those who would kill them selves after losing match without getting every kill / objective done. But tbh from biggest part i definitely understand why people are de-threating (de**). Its becouse like i mentioned earlier. They dont want to stress from the game and want to play it with positive energy and chill mood but (and thats why they are de**) they cant do that becouse of us, prople like me so when it sometimes happends for them that they rankup to Gold, they try to go to Silver districts but after few missions they are in bad mood becouse of getting killed so many times and that, that they need to do their best to atleast do one objective etc..., and thats not fun for them. So than the de** comes in place so they just troll the mission to get Silver so they can go back play to bronz districts and enjoy the game again. And this is the point of it... Threat becomes a kinda bigger problem over the years but all the time people were ok with it... Also threat had big inpact on many people started chteating in the game becouse when they went to silver district they wanted to be like all these tryhards but couldnt do that becouse it takes some time to get to point when you can really say "im pro/skilled in this game". So cheats becomes first idea and than closeting and pretending their skill masively inproved overnight. I think that threat is thing that needs to be looked after to find best suiting ranking system for this game.
  11. Tbh i think my self after 600hrs in GTA V that it is basicly dying out. I know that numbers might show something else but most of people who play GTA V are kids who most of the time cheats in it so it never really become boring. But for people like me is GTA V just another money hungry game and by the time it gets really boring and feel so grindy. Thats why i ever sticked just with APB. Its fun to play even when missions are repetetive. Why? You dont need to grind shit out of this game to fully enjoy it...
  12. Hey! We got new Forums. Love it so far 💙

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