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  1. you really like that copium huh' ? this game is dead move the fuck on ....
  2. soon. now>latter>sometime>our life time>soon> eternity
  3. Indeed ... these guys seem like legit gamers. They don't have that corporate bullS<H<I<T approach , some of them probably play the game , not just milk gullible triple A brain dead fanboys for cash
  4. hmmm something is going on ... I have some ISP issues to ... go disconnected 2 times .... I blame them ruskies ... them ruskies are crashing the InterWebz
  5. weebs .... weebs everywhere ...... yeah it seems LO is experiencing some tech issues .... cuz you know .... Lil' company ... lil' peepee's , lil' hardware .... lil budget .... lil income .... lil' people ( as in short) .... if you are above 1m 50 cm tall they wont hire you Merged. well usually when Lil' Orbit has events going down everything crashes and becomes unstable it's a company custom ...
  6. well I can log in but It doesn't load my character also it displays I have 0 cash and joker tickets
  7. Trahald

    Double buffering

    what happened to that option. Why did it get removed and it's seems to be turned on by default .... I have huge imput lag and I can't play the game anymore. In stutters when I aim .... WHY WOULD YOU REMOVE THAT OPTION AND ACTIvATE IT BY DEFAULT WHY?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
  8. Dude ... you guys are talking about the distant future ... at the pace they made progress until now .... don't expect to see this game re released sooner then 2024 . Some of you will die until then .... don't plan anything yet :)) And even if they re- release it ... a small studio can't do what this game was originally intended to be ..... the most biggest sandbox ever made EVER ... biggest game world ever made with plans for constant level cap updates content .... similar to Wow .... venturing in the death zone etc .... What they will do is the opposite make the game smaller compact the zone to a smaller scale get some new buggy low performance engine "Unity" which is a crap game engine .... This game was about the huge zones the journey large player base that made the game feel alive ..... riding my bike for 30 mins to get to a place ..... it will never be that sadly :" we will get a dumbed down version of the original vision the guys at Icarus studios had sad so sad that jewels like this game don't become a success ... and shitty cartoony triple a loot box simulators sell .... it's ALL YOUR FAULT the players for paying for shit ..... 7000 SQUARE KILOMETERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! did any other game beat that? what they should to is fill that space with interesting quests ... events etc not make the game world smaller
  9. some angry hoes probably DDoS-ing being mad fallen earth will be shut down
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