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  1. i would love to see them make it for VR lol. Just say that all.
  2. Count me in i would pay for the whole year and maybe for the rest of my life.
  3. you guys should know that a game takes few years to 4 or 5 years to be finish so if they took the game off line and they say there going to reboot it that what it means so it not really dead they just remake it from scrap so it may take them year or 5 years to get it done so be patient let them work on it and in the end it may look so much better in different ways that it could be sweeter, fun.
  4. guy's we need to give the team some support and hope it well be a live soon it's mainly this virus that been going around that been putting so much damage on the team like them so who know if any of there team is in hospital or at home sick so we need to hang by there side through this hole virus.
  5. Fallen Earth is one of it kind there no other game come's close to it. There are other company that have been try to make there other but they can't get close to what fallen earth has.
  6. yea i remember that day back when it was pay to play but before that be a beta tester that feels just like it was yesterday.
  7. I can't wait for FE to come back and i know that APB has bit more funding on it but FE has more people who would rather see FE be live. IF there was anyway to donate Money to bring back FE faster i would because i would rather play FE then APB.
  8. no i mean adding other armor slot on the head and other on the chest part on the character screen because it like if you wear a shirt under the jacket but then you want to put on body armor it would replace the shirt for the body armor but with this by adding other armor slot were you can keep the shirt on under the jacket and you put on the body armor it would be over the jacket to make it more like in the real world. Same goes for the ski mask have add on slot for the head part were if you wear a helmet and a gas mask were you can put the ski mask in between the helmet and gas mask and again just like in real life.
  9. would be possible about add a new armor slot like if i'm wear a jacket and i want to put on body armor but have the body armor shown over the jacket? plus add other armor slot on the head like if i'm wear a helmet and a gas mask that i could also have a ski mask under the gas mask?
  10. i can't wait for fallen earth to reopen too it my favorite game to play. APB maybe better but it also has a break point init plus it sucks when you try to do missions to earn as a enforcer when the criminal can earn more and faster then enforcer and it like the criminals is the favor out of both groups so APB to me is just another combat arm game full BS and crap i would rather play fallen earth then APB. Plus if they don't want to work on it then why did they buy it from the real maker. They should sell the game back to the real maker of it then just sit on there butt. This game is more important to us then let die.
  11. anyone know when fallen earth well be back on. Are they going to upgrade the graphic? Are they going to add new weapons, vehicles, Mounts, Outfit to the game? Fallen Earth is my favorite game to play that is F2P.
  12. have you guys ever thought about add new vehicle to fallen earth? because i have few pictures of nice vehicles that you guys could add to the game if you like them. Plus how do u add like screen shots or pictures to this?
  13. have you guys ever thought about add new vehicle to fallen earth? because i have few pictures of nice vehicles that you guys could add to the game if you like them.
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