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  1. yeah if I don't get opposition, (common af), I immediately abandon Creme de la Trash
  2. I got the same thing going on, says it's running but it's not listed in my volume mixer. Went through and deleted vivox and config files and reinstalled/repaired them, still dead. Cool game
  3. I'm dumb and don't know what I did to deserve them, but I got a decent amount of Joker tickets from playing. Only in my first few matches though, once I stopped getting them I gave up playing lol.
  4. Agreed with Glaciers and Pound, it always felt like the attitude was that Riot was going to be a functional, new game mode that aimed towards bringing in new players and would've had marketing, but now the wording of this post makes it seem like an interactive beta testing dev playground. Why even market a beta game mode in the first place, especially with larger issues like s e r v e r s, and an old 32 bit engine in 2019 Edit: I'll throw in that I only play riot for the joker tickets and deployable items/whatever they're called, ammo boxes n shields n shtuff. If you keep riot in as is that'll be the only reason I play, and it definitely won't be a daily thing. Edit 2: Hell, I liked the Halloween event with 3 big groups all having a massive war a lot more than Riot. 3 big groups on a big map like financial causing chaos was so much more fun.
  6. I click my Jericho Crim and click login and instantly get the "no connection to servers" error message on main menu. Good shit day 2
  7. Quick update, I joined Social with no issues. Was trying to join fight club
  8. Fun. at least 2 others in a twitch stream I'm watching are reporting the same thing. Fun.
  9. Right here is you >implying it has no advantages lmao
  10. You just went from denying any and all advantages to now saying "well uh I mean if you use macros you won't be a good player; just learn the timings" Why even take the time to learn the timings unless knowing the timings.... wait for it.... give an advantage? lol. Why would a new/unskilled player want to learn the timings when a lot of other people use macros penalty free, as well as others in the community not caring if they are used?
  11. Apologies if this was part of a recent update that I had no idea about, but all the stuff I got from ARMAS is in my mailbox with the full title of the weapon/vehicle, but it won't show me how long it lasts until I redeem it. Is this a glitch or just a dumb update?
  12. Oh 100 percent agree. I guess the wording is what confused me then. Saying current players don't matter in a starving game is kinda odd lol
  13. Yeah in reality, these veterans/us are ALL THAT REMAINS of a population. Without us, the game would be... dead, so please help me understand what you mean by we don't matter? Would little orbit have purchased/taken over APB if it had no one playing? Answer is no. So obviously we have some importance. Why is the number of veterans dropping/will continue to drop? Because not much is being done to improve the game. Not to mention the fact that New players aren't a guarantee. No amount of updates with new (broken) content will retain a large enough number of players to make the game populated again, on top of already existing issues. Imagine the chaos in game and in the forums if the best case scenario happens of a ton of new people coming. Mods will have to sift through tens of hundreds of posts about "This gun is broken! Pay to win! Unfair! My game crashed wtf!" in game the same sentiments will be typed in chat, with some veterans saying "git gud", "ur just bad", etc.
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