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  1. All I meant was, for me and for the rest of us, sure it would be nice if APB was up but for LO, they need it to be up. So when it comes down to our fun as opposed to their livelihood, I find it difficult to bust their chops about the game being down. You don't think the whole situation is professional? Okay, so don't work with them. Ridiculing them for mistakes they might've (probably) made, seems unnecessary. But, I like turtles. :^)
  2. It's incredibly easy to judge what you see as someone else's mistakes, when you're not in any position to understand their side. All we have are assumptions about what is going on, or what went wrong. Sure, for a game to be down this long, it doesn't look good. But it's APB. C'mon. Little Orbit purchased a haunted house built on a radioactive disposal site, above a Native American burial mound. There might be issues popping up. You've spent money, I've spent money. But until I've spent what LO has, I'm not going to get too upset with or at them. How do you think they feel?
  3. That moment everyone sees MattScott in the recently browsing members.
  4. How about a browser game or an app where people can RP playing APB when the servers go down? "I stunned you, bro!" "Nah, nah bro" "Bro, rp sucks bro" Idea man strikes again! You're welcome.
  5. Thank you for the update, you big scarf machine.
  6. Hey, come on. Stop hanging out here. You're clearly ruining the forums. OH! Just realized, I meant the opposite of that. Sorry.
  7. As someone who often gets harassed for not doing missions, I find it refreshing to finally get this out into the open. For the most part I enjoy driving around, listening to music, saying hello to people here and there, surfing and watching matches up close. Yes, I do pick the populated districts to do those things in. Yeah, sorry. Honestly, I do roughly about ten missions a year. Sometimes more, oftentimes less. I'm just not interested in them now. I am apologetic to those who might be affected in matches by my lack of hitting K. About as apologetic as I can be when it comes to me being responsible for things dependent on difference in threat, calls for backup and potentially making a mission uneven at some point because I didn't accept a call. I'm sorry to everyone affected by this very specific situation. Which is to say, in a district of 40/40 everyone doing missions except myself, I am 1.25% sorry. I'm not here to entertain other people. Sure, sometimes it's a bonus. huehue I log onto APB to do my own thing, just like everyone else, grouped up or not. Realistically, if in a full 40/40 district, only 30/30 of those people are doing missions, the other 20 are jumping ramps with their cars, there are not 20 people trying to get into that district to hit K. There might be at most, 3. Just wait five minutes. There used to be a chick who would use emotes to make it appear as if she paid for her gas and then would drive into traffic with civie cars and follow them around the map. I never understood what she got out of it, I still don't. But hey, I don't have to. It's an old argument. As old as "Oh, he went NTEC/HVR!". You don't have to agree with what other players choose to do with their time, hell no one is asking you to like it. Not everyone is you and does what you do. That doesn't make them wrong. People who don't do missions, didn't ruin missions. At this point, maybe don't further alienate people who still log in, no matter what they do once on. If you really want to help, some might want to consider taking a bit of personal responsibility as to why they may not be having fun in APB.
  8. Dropping threat because you don't play. Reading that makes me feel like I was hackused.
  9. That's why we need teams of people out killing civilians. Psh, civies. Always walking in the way, running players over. Can't trust 'em. Small hands, smell of cabbage.
  10. Usually, the people allowed to go to sleep are those who completed their tasks. Of course, don't hold me to that, I'm asleep.
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