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  1. Bonjour, je ne suis pas un gars français ... Je viens d'utiliser Google Translate pour vous dire de parler anglais sur fourms I ain't french, just explained him to speak in english on fourms through google translate xD
  2. That's why don't pay them money
  3. I just quited APB... xD idc if it gets back or nah thats a common prob now so
  4. qtzii

    Allow Armas weapons trading

    Or atleast Gifting system from ARMAS?
  5. Yep bro, Me too, They should give us a code for like 500 JT for the downtime atleast! This is so wrong
  6. Its just a normal day of APB Servers calm down.
  7. For me it'll sure be the servers... They always go down every day or atleast once in a week!
  8. Hello, I have been experiencing this error from past 4 hours... I just joined in apb server after 4 hours and then it suddenly brought me back out... and after that the same error continues... LO Whats going on mate!
  9. This is APB Dude, When i wake up always i get this thing in my mind, *there must be some error today with the servers* Its common nowadays!
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