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LTL for Crim?

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8 hours ago, iSymbolic said:

I have 2 accounts both with a crim and enforcer i have 1.7k hours i can screen my steam if you want me to?


Its not a point of how good or bad you are at it. which i explained, and i wont explain again. ^_~ ❤️


The best agruement for LTL removal or equality is that it could be considered exploitation of a weapon's feature... but unlike a HVR jump shot or quick switching, Less than Lethal was intended to give a delayed respawn so criminal team mates could try and rescue them with Saviour role.


Enforces have a fair bit of content tied to Cop rank, and Saviour role being just better keys and a single title only gives more validity for criminals to be upset.


At the end of the day, a majority of Enfs only use LTL for the rank's unlocks and nothing more. Only the worst spiteful tryhards would change to a Less than lethal weapon to get arrest and slow down criminal's match progression. That level of sportsmanship shouldn't be paid attention to and should be considered an outlier. Both on Crim and Enf, I've never seen anyone switch to less than lethal to deliberately impede crims for the last few rounds.


If you seen a Enf using LTL then feel free to message them asking for their cop rank and see how many are maxed at rank 15.

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On 1/10/2019 at 4:29 AM, iSymbolic said:

Uh, where is my crim LTL? A little balance would be nice.

balance is necessary .everyone should play in equal conditions .

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If they should do anything with LTL it's remove it entirely. It's just awful and completely counter-teamplay. Giving that option to crims would be hugely counter-productive because then they too have to deal with randoms playing a different game from the rest.

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Cocktail Molotov = slow fire damage for a kill

Fire does not stun it kills

Cocktail Molotov can work for a health drain type damage for a chain fire effect if touched but can not work for stun.

for new content I like the idea of Cocktail Molotov but not to replace LTL

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