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Remote Detonator in Halloween event.

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8 hours ago, Similarities said:

Most of the time I think your opinion is a shit opinion,

shoot, do i come across as a jackass that much? i thought i sticked to the numbers for the most part, excluding shotguns, i have an unpopular opinion about those for sure

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On 11/4/2018 at 11:39 PM, Knataz said:

Silvers talking about remote detonator. 🤔 🤔 

imagine silvers being a huge part of the game (they should even be the bigger one)


i come from dota and balancing everything around tournament mechanics etc. seems quite bad and creates "crutches" at lower levels. while it forces players to get better, it still kills possible fun.


ideally things should be balanced for all skilllevels - but you should see where they are coming from.


and even then, it's never as easy as people say.


just blow the car up? yeah, spam two concs at a pioneer remote det that blocks the objective or equip satchel charges (that are limited supply)

- while being wide open - "just kill em first lol"


i'm not having a problem with remote det, rarely use it myself, it's just your attitude that upset me. (although i wasnt only addressing you + your point)

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