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Survivor's Refuge needs YOU.

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Citizens of the Wasteland, we need YOU.

Survivor's Refuge is calling you to join the fight for mankind.

The Survivor's Refuge Relief Unit (SRRU) wants to recruit you into it's ranks.
The newly updated Relief Unit is setting it's scope on a broader horizon, and we want you to be a part and come on this journey with us.

What's involved?
The Relief Unit has a number of roles and responsibilities to play:
  1. Taking part in the defence of the Event Towns as a major contributor.
  2. Coming to the aid of any one person or group of persons in need.
  3. Providing aid and assistance to major events and gatherings.

What are the benefits?
Relief Unit members gain many benefits to aid them in performing their duties:
  1. Monthly travel chip allowance.
  2. Access to clan supplies and any available gear.
  3. Access to the Relief Unit exclusive team.
  4. Freedom to join in on Officer communications and to contribute to the future of Survivor's Refuge.
  5. A guaranteed position in the Survivor's Refuge Discord server.
  6. The ability to host and carry out clan meetings / events.
  7. The ability to recruit new members.
And many more...

How do I get involved?
You can join by contacting Lead Director Ella Clinton via:
  • Discord (Hella Ella#8763);
  • Via forum PM;
  • Or by expressing an interest in the comments.
Training for the SRRU will occur over two consecutive days, and you will be promited to a Relief Officer upon completion.

If you have any questions, feel free to express them via any means listed above.

Thank you for considering the Survivor's Refuge Relief Unit; we look forward to hearing from you.

N.B. Training and promotion may take a while to ensure on us bringing you into the ranks successfully.
Yours faithfully,
Director Ella Clinton
Survivor's Refuge, Fallen Earth.
Edited by Hella Ella
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I like where this is going, but I am slammed for time and couldn't guarantee the commitment. Put me on a maybe list and friend me up in FE and we'll see what the future holds? (ign Eino Spengler)

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17 minutes ago, StubbyClaps said:

There is a groups section on the forums, probs should be there

9 minutes ago, Ritual said:

(Thread moved to the Player Groups section.)

Thanks, I missed that.

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