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Easier Weapon Menu [GAME]

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Hey guys. Could we please get a easier overview for our Weapons menu?
I created a prototype. Tell me what you think and what i should change.
I hope Little Orbit likes it.


Didnt know how to post Images so i posted a link 😄

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13 hours ago, Winter Shyvana said:

Good idea, I like this. Maybe with weapons names as well? It would be good.

Thought about that too but realized that i usually just look for the Symbols.
There is still the little Window to the right so i would hope they could get a Hover Menu so when you hover over the weapon it would display the stats and when you click it it would stay there.
I only slapped this stuff together in Photoshop and it was the first ever thing i created in photoshop 😄
Do you use the names alot to find out which weapon it is?

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I personally use the weapons over the symbols, and would kinda hate it if I had to go over every weapon to see which I'm looking for.
That being said, this definitely needs to be done.

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