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i'd like to have Fishing for both late game and early game.

i like fishing in games. 
just a simple cast, wait a few seconds, click when the fish bites, and you get a fish, trash or an unlocked box with some random loot.
but since water is very limited in the world i have some ideas for getting water around,

1. just use the construction skill to build portable fishing holes.
2 edit the world to have more water, or just one big lake per sector.
3 a new area that acts similar to the bloodsports arenas, rather than pvp its focus is just simple activities. and you have to pay chips to get in.
4 use all all three methods but implement them one at a time.

but if i had to choose ONE method to vote for...it would be number 1. players create the fishing holes.

it can be for both roleplayers and non roleplayers.
there can also be activities related to fishing.
like with mini quests like turn in some fish or trash for a new NPC faction,
a fishing group that wants both fish and to clean the water from the useless trash.

what do you guys think? also give suggestions to improve the idea should Little Orbit think it would be fun.


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Depends on how it works... I mean I guess fish could substitute meat in cooking recipes? Maybe have a chance at chips or items that sell to NPCs for a decent amount.

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I agree that fishing can make for some great time wasting fun in games. Especially in the game 'Fate' where you get a big variety of fish with different attributes, other random items, and sometimes a very nice  useful item.
It could be a natural progression of farming, once they finish what G1 started there...

That said, I am not sure if fishing in FE is a game changer, with so many other things to do, so I won't hold my breath on this one.

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maybe making a " fishing book" and posibility to craft " new items" with components only got in waters can be a good idea.

Another posibility is add very low  % to find a treasure under lake ( some cosmetic item/ red key/ a car?, or some special trinket  only can get doing this?)

as black jack,  fishing can be a sub game very adictive to game!

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But is fishing really needed? I mean, maybe at some point, after they would add content to keep players busy, it could be fun. Right now it's quite pointless and fun for 5 minutes at most. 

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