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script kiddies and cheaters as SPCT still 🙈

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On 3/11/2023 at 8:35 PM, Thial said:

not still, dead means nobody is playing anymore, there are around 700 people playing therefore it's nearly dead. Words mean things.

In other games there are like 100k people a day at least, so still

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On 3/15/2023 at 10:48 AM, Hexerin said:

My god, the mental gymnastics ya'll will go through to attempt to justify your bullshit.

I think the best way a dev on APB put it, you can never be kind of pregnant, you either are or your not. Same goes with cheating. Going by what Kyoukidotexe says. You dont even have to play the game to catch cheaters. Just go to youtube or twitch. There are a lot of low hanging fruit there. 


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13 hours ago, Yeedman said:

why is this thread still going exactly?

because things are so bad right now. 70% of games have at least 1 person cheating and thats a conservative figure. Pretty much all missions start with a team mate calling out the cheater in the opposition and to watch out for him. Mods silently came on last night and somebody called it out on the server (that there were 51 people on).  Needless to say, some people went AFK others left the server.  My team mate had a long conversation with the opposition who were only on to test their cheats with their handguns. Worst thing is, you dont have to go looking.


Since the 64 but update though, i am seeing players do strange things, almost like snapping again. Players who are unable to shoot a player directly in front of them, because their aim is locked on a player behind a wall.  But at the same time, i am seeing a lot of re-rolls which makes me think that there are some bannings going on.

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