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Dumb Question

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13 hours ago, EerieEric said:

or is it mostly dead in the game

Depends on who n what u are.

If gold its 'Happy Times'. If not gold then the game is dead.

the staff hate anyone who isnt gold, so they let golds into bronze a year ago and ruined the game.

Matt wont fire the Dev that did it, probly dont even know about it.

So unless u wanna fight sweatys all day, mission after mission, and you like being insulted for not being gold

then this is Your Game. Otherwise for me, I just come in n do my side jobs, collect some joker tickets n move on to a Real Game.

8 yrs and 3500 dollars down the drain thanks to the DEv that desegregated Selali, August of last year.


Since Jericho’s population has declined over the past few months, we are going to be moving to no threat districts during this maintenance so that both Citadel and Jericho are able to find matches and play. This was a difficult decision to make because if we make this change, we have to make this change on both worlds. Using the current system, both worlds need to use the same ruleset. We are going to be looking into options to try and fix this system but we don’t want to take any developers away from the Engine Upgrade to look into making this change. We suspect that it will not be a simple fix and will take a considerable amount of time to both implement and test the changes and its just not feasible right now. I know that there are some in the community that do not like this change when we make it but it is a necessary change so that everyone who wants to play APB is able to.

Thank you all for your understanding,

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Im positive for apb future.We are with the right people after all.Despite the so called pandemic,the fact that this game code is a mess and dat LO was new to this type of games-after all they didnt give up on this tragic game and they still develop it.

Yea they had to make other games meanwhile to survive which also slow down the engine upgrade but it is what it is.This games s.t.f.u and the other one which is like moba looks interesting so im confident that LO knows what theyr doin with apb as well

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a short glance at this forum, often tells me that nobody really thinks so

you know, the game is just there, but..

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