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11/25 Patch Announcement

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11 hours ago, Talla said:

If you play a map of corners like Asylum, shotguns will be OP because they are "in their environment".
The level design is more to blame than the weapon here.

Shotguns are intended to be played alternating in-and-out of cover, to maximize their high instant damage / exposure time ratio.
SMGs are intended to be played as a single, direct CQC rush.

Now, combine third-person camera, a map of corners & shotguns, and you've got yourself a nice recipe for widespread corner-camping.
"Lame but effective" corner-camping has been the cornerstone of the meta in this game for a long time now, no matter the weapon or the map.

You can bluff a primed grenade on every corner you meet to mitigate that, but I'd suggest you get a shotgun too.

You are right, but it's obvious that shotguns are intended to be played by a little rat, it's even suggested in one of the "helpful texts" in the loading screen. Personally I don't like the map design of Asylum, there is too much unnecessary little shit to block your shots even if your aim is completely on the enemy. 


Like you said, it's intended to rush with SMGs, which makes them practically defenseless/(useless) against shotguns, as you get hit with a 68 damage in your face with ONE shot.

Exactly because shotguns are so easy to play and have a huge advantage to other guns, they should be nerfed. I bet that even if the JG is a 3-STK, it's still on the same level as a SMG even without a corner.

My suggestion would be to SLIGHTLY decrease the movement speed with JG if it's shot, and to make it a 3-STK.


Shotgun isn't my playstyle, it's too disgusting to be a rat and it's really boring. And suggesting playing like these monkeys is the only way to have a chance against it instead of just properly nerfing it, just isn't right. 

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half the people i know want the ntec nerfs reverted, should we balance based on that?


seen plenty of people top frag scout without "maining pistol", as if a weapon having good synergy with your secondary is a sign of poor balance anyway


people jumping off the easy meta bandwagon after the scout was balanced doesnt really prove anything - people did the same thing with the troublemaker, and even the heavy hvr after its initial nerf


scout didnt need a buff at all imo, a sniper designed around being aggressively versatile and landing precise shots should have drawbacks for not doing so


and while the effect is fairly small (only an extra second to land the second shot vs ca3) its part of a worrying trend of orbit mucking about with weapons that are just fine 

Completely different situation. On one hand you have a mediocre weapon with a glitch that made it op that had the glitch removed, and people asked for a buff because it in general was "decent" but underwhelming in comparison to other sniper choices, compared to a overtly versatile weapon that was by far too strong because of its ease of use to power in comparison to every other weapon within its niche.


The point was for a mobile sniper, having to use pistol more than the HVR itself for kills shows either a lack of skill, or a lack of trust in the weapon. Probably the latter.


However, it does have drawbacks? It quickly becomes a 3 hit kill with a minimum 2.5s (more like 2.7-3s ttk if you don't macro). Just because its aggressive and accurate means little when it's TTK is still high. You're talking about using a sniper in cqc-mid against weapons with less than half the ttk which have a strong TTK advantage.


Yes, but again, the weapon still needed buffed because it wasn't "overpowered" and was at minimum "mediocre".


Except it wasn't just fine? Like, I legit hated the jump scout and wanted the scout ruined, but I'm at least observant enough to know that the weapon without accurate jumpshooting became really underwhelming at best, and you had little reason to use it when the HVR even in its nerfed form, DMR, and ISSR-B were considered straight up better.


Why use a weapon that's mediocre and gives you only a 1s window to kill someone, before near doubling the TTK? In comparison to every other sniper choice which was more reliable?

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So, LO, just interested, which guns gonna be changed next? You made Harbinger a good secondary, made Scoped, Tommy and Misery decent guns to use, and it's a good sign. Keep going with non-meta, you doing well with it. And no more meta balancing, pls.

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3 hours ago, Nagletz said:

You made Harbinger a good secondary

Ha, good joke. The changes they made do nothing to fix what keeps that gun in trash tier.


I still love it though, as someone who doesn't care about winning every match.

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5 hours ago, Nagletz said:

and Misery decent guns to use

the misery has been decent for ages, albeit with significant drawbacks


recoil was not one of those drawbacks lol

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