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Decent weapons you can get from armas marketplace

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Hello! If you are new to apb and want to pick up some weapons from the armas market place, here are some suggestions for you!


I only recommend buying account lifetime weapons as you can have it on every character in your account


You can’t go wrong to choose weapons with 3 open slots as you can put mod freely on those weapon. However, some preset weapon on armas has perfect mod on them and with a cheaper price. Choosing them over the 3 slots version can save you some g1c and you can have a fully configured weapon on your new characters.

Weapons not listed below doesn’t mean they must be bad, u can always test them out!


Ok lets get into it!


Assault rifles:


-Can’t be bought from npc

-An assault rifle version of joker rifle

-It has a slower ttk and high damage when compare with other assault rifles

-It is extremely accurate and can run and gun

-It may not be the best in any aspect, but it is a very good weapon for newbie


FAR “Spearhead”

- Can’t be bought from npc unless you’ve unlock it in pervious event (FAR Charger)

- A mix of ntec and star, all round weapon

-It is fun to use, but it is not a must get weapon as you have to use it just like star and ntec


Atac (3 slots/ patroller)

-Can’t be bought from npc

-Fast firing, no recoil, hold mouse1 and w to win

-As known as gay tec

-Will get many whispers requesting you to uninstall

-It has 57m range but due to poor precision, it is more like a close range weapon


Joker cr5 (3 slots/ pr2)

-It can be bought from npc

-Reskin of ntec

-It’s a ntec, you can’t go wrong with it

-pr2 got everything you need for a ntec with a cheaper price



- Can’t be bought from npc

-It’s like a more precise atac, can be fired fully automatic down range

-It has a slightly slower ttk and small magazine size (22)

-idk why but not many ppl would complaint about this weapon

-You really don’t need any mod on it

-Condor(legendary) is a nerfed version imo


Semi-auto rifle

Oscar rifle

-It will be unlocked at the very last stage of game(2 slot version)

-Can run and gun with a very good accuracy and decent time to kill

-A burst fire rifle, not newbie friendly


Joker rifle “Punchline”

-It can be bought from npc

-Can run and gun

-This preset got what you need for a joker rifle with a cheaper price


Obir “Vladivostok”

-It can be bought from npc

-Mostly for mid-long range fight

-3-round burst fire rifle, not newbie friendly but very very strong

-This preset got what you need for a obir with a cheaper price


Sub-machine gun

VAS-C2 Trouble maker

-can’t be bought from npc

-very strong close range weapon with insane fast ttk

-have to fire in marksmanship mode unless you are hugging your enemy

-Only smg I suggest you to get from armas, or go get a pmg and put cj2/3 on it


Sniper rifle

Nekrova ISS-b “Dog ear”

-Can’t be bought from npc

-Just got a nerf on hard damage, it is less effective against vehicles now

-4 shot kill auto sniper, still pretty decent weapon


N-HVR 243 Scout RT1

-Can’t be bought from npc

-A light sniper rifle with cj3 on it, which make it fire really slightly faster

-It deals less damage than the HVR762 but it does not slow you down


Pathfinder LR PR2

-Can’t be bought from npc

-A light sniper rifle with hs1 and ir3 on it

-You can do full damage to enemy up to 97m with this version and hs1 provide 5 degree more zoom

-It deals less damage than the HVR762 but it does not slow you down



(I know oca nano seems very op to new players but trust me it’s really not even close to good)


Colby .45 ap

-Broken as f***

-A fbw require higher skill

-5 shots kill, 0.8sec ttk

-Good range, good accuracy

-It does more damage than Ntec-7 Ursus per shot lol

-Best secondary imo although I can’t use it well lol


N-FA9 “Quick draw pr1”

-Other version with longer draw time can be bought from npc

-Stupidly fast fire rate with insane ttk (0.63sec)

-Super poor accuracy and high recoil

-It melts ppl when u are hugging them

-Noob friendly, just spray and pray


ACT44 golden marksman pr1

-Best friend of smg/ shotgun

-Solid 4 shot kill long range secondary with a hunting sight3 on it

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