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This is more of a suggestion for the APB Redbubble store, but I didn't feel like it fit in game suggestions.  I'd really like for you guys to expand your T-shirt selection with some more simple designs like just a black T-shirt with the APB Reloaded logo on it like this:



A Joker Ammo one like this would be cool:



Bring back this classic design:




Also bringing back the E3 shirt designs would be great.  I have the criminal one and I know someone else on this forum has the blue Enforcer one but I can't remember who.  There were also organization themed ones.  The Bloodrose themed one is the ribcage one right above this. There was also a green GKings version.  I outgrew this shirt 😞  Would love to order a bigger size.





Probably can't do this one through redbubble but can't forget the USB flash drive 🙂



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I like some of those things 😄

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Eh, keep some of these nice unique 'collector' items. The rest yes. Some new designs would be nice too.


Also where is my APB contact bobble head figurines. 


The bullet USB was a gift for RTW devs iirc.

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