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PS4 NA Financial Down

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Bro im done making post yall know financial is down and you guys arent trying to fix it yall keep saying its getting worked on but we we are the only console with it down i cant even rank my player up because its down its about to be 2Months since its been down we cant even do the Christmas contact because we need financial up i don’t understand its like yall only worried about xbox and pc are graphics are still not fixed @MattScott  @Amayii@Lixil

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I don’t even know why I keep checking this forum expecting a solution for ps4... There’s no hope for us ps4 players with this game, like you said it’s clear they only care about PC & Xbox players, they respond to their posts and issues yet leave the ps4 players on read and don’t even care. They just need to go ahead and remove this game from psnow because I have a feeling “IF” they ever decide to fix it on ps4 that the player base will be moved on, who wants to play a game that is up for one day then down for 2 months with no solution.... Nothing but a waste of time and straight up 💩 support.

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