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Go in the train hare, Fox, wolf and bear. Only a part was broken — the hare grabbed the guitar, hit the strings and yelling:
— We go, go, go, in nature-two cars!
And so for an hour. The first could not stand Fox:
"Scythe, shut up, will you?"
— Well, let's go outside!
Exited. They came back-a Fox with a black eye and does not look at anyone. And the hare again:
— We go, go, go, in nature-two cars!
The wolf could not resist:
"Hey, squint, are you fucking crazy?"!
— Well, let's go outside!
Have returned — on wolf living seats there is no, huddled on the seat next and speaks out. And the hare again:
— We go, go, go, in nature-two cars!
The bear rises:
— All right, oblique, got game: now you'll have to deal with me!
Fox (timidly):
"Misha, don't touch him. They are there in nature two cars…

— Joke



You thought you were dealing with a single enemy. The enemy either seemed insignificant, or by desperate efforts was defeated. In General and a whole, itself serious threats he still/already bear could not. Here only it turns out he was not alone. Many of them. Very much.

With the wick bolted-when it was thought that there were more than one opponent, but it was not expected that their untold hordes.

In short, you relaxed early. Although, of course, often acts law conservation ninjutsu, and many opponents will weaker, than players the same type.

Often the true number of enemies is revealed at the very end within The framework of R. L. Stein's twist, and sometimes they can form a Gestalt. Well, in some cases, this situation is related to the famous " do you want two hundred and twenty?»

Against one-one missed. And sometimes they are used simultaneously.


Where it occurs
The same anecdote about the hare — or rather, two cars of hares! "from the epigraph."
There is a witty version where all the characters are replaced by Neo, Morpheus, Trinity and agent Smith, who is "two cars" in one person.
Obscene parody of Mikhalkov's fable " the Hare in the hop»:
... Here Hare whistled couple of times,
A Horde of hares came down
And the lion such lyuley rolled in
That he forgot, where meadow, where wood,
And patootie in Africa took off!

Parody of the trope-anecdote about the Russian hero, over and over again causing a fight a hundred thousand Chinese. "Don't go, there are two of them!".
And another version of the parody, this time on behalf of the Germans :" we are five, and the Russian twenty-five, and both in felt boots!»
Another anecdote about cowboys who killed an Indian for a scalp (a scalp is a reward) and pitched a tent in the middle of the Prairie. The next morning, one of them wakes up, comes out of the tent, and around the apparently invisible Indians, and all in a rage. Cowboy climbs back into the tent and wakes up a friend: "Joe, get up! Get up, we're rich!!»
The Chukchi declared war on the Chinese. Comes the envoy from the Chinese:
"Chukchi, what are you doing?" You same and a half hundreds of, and us — billion!
- Yes! For good reason we you war declared, however! Where are we going to bury you all?

- Author unknown
Roman Zlotnikov, "Gron" - the fact that Gron is able to beat a three-thousandth army tenfold superior enemy, the Order and the Gorgos Empire controlled by him learned during the first war. And during the second found out, that Gron still and mobilize a hundred thousands of people can.
"How to kill a monster" by R. L. Stein-the heroes miraculously overcame the swamp monster and fled from home to the swamps... Only it turned out that dozens of his relatives live there.
It's the same in the Revenge of the garden gnomes: the heroes thought they were dealing with only two nasty gnomes, then they said that six more were locked in the basement of the store, and that they would leave if the heroes let their comrades out. Heroes climbed into the basement... where they were waiting for at least six hundred dwarves, eager to torture them to death for fun.
His "I am your evil twin": the hero confronts his evil twin and decides that his scientist uncle illegally cloned him. Wanting to find out the truth, he goes to his uncle's laboratory, where his clone is waiting for him... and three more clones... and a clone of his uncle himself!
Prince of Nothing — when the Great Ordalia broke over the ruined walls of Gorgoderina, it became clear that, first, inside waiting for the Horde of barragem full of choirs and therefore invulnerable to magic, and second, Heath was Sigogo hiding countless hordes Trankov, ready to hit Ordalii in the back.
"Dossier Dresden" — in "Selling the skin" Dresden somehow rebuffed ONE naagloshii. In the future it turns out that in the Limit of a Demon contains them "in kind two cars" — and they're still the most harmless.
"And dawns here quiet..." Boris Vasilyev: on interception of two noticed German saboteurs the foreman Vaskov detached with himself five little girls, believing that it should suffice with interest. Only there were sixteen spies…
And film adaptations.
Vladislav Krapivin, " Islands and captains. Heirs" - somehow bored at recess eighth grader decided to scare for fun caught under the arm of the second grader. But he hadn't considered that in this second grade it was customary to stick together and help each other in all circumstances. "A hundred mice will eat any cat. Especially if they are burning with righteous anger. These blazed."
"Basement" by Richard Lymon-intelligent Larry, injured by the beast as a child, hires a Hitman to kill the vile creature. Using a pedophile maniac as bait, they take the beast by surprise and kill him... But in a moment of triumph, Larry becomes the victim of another beast. And soon it becomes clear that due to the preferences of the hostess and her daughter these creatures there is a whole brood.
His "Night without end": a young jodie sees her girlfriend, which she stayed overnight, pierced by a lance which penetrated into the house maniac. She quietly penetrates into the room of her friend's brother, wakes him up and says that she must run, but then the maniac enters the room. Jody manages to smash the villain's head with a baseball bat... except it's not the maniac. And when you try to get out of the house it turns out that these thugs a gang.
"The Supreme witch" by Olga Gromyko. Having followed the "animated corpse", Volha overhears the conspirators. Deciding to grab them red-handed (otherwise ghyr prove that not mistaken), breaks into the room. But there are not a few of them, but a dozen. It was necessary "to the witch struck by quantity of knights" to tear claws.
Christopher Bunch, Alan "Stan" Cole. One of the minor characters of Scottish nationality throughout the book trying to tell a story about a lone hero, calling to fight the best (fighter, squad, platoon, company...) of the enemy army. All who accept the challenge are defeated. At the end of the book, the tale is finally told. "It's an ambush, sir! There are two of them!»
Prequels "Ender's Game" - the first trilogy of prequels tells the story Of the first war with the Formics/buggers. The huge starship was barely overpowered by the forces of the whole Earth. In the epilogue, the Navigator scans images from long-range telescopes and discovers a gigantic mother ship in the process of being converted into a huge fleet of similar starships. Turns out that first starship was just a scout ship. Less than five years before the fleet arrived.
"Strangers" same!
And Predators-Mike Harrigan from the second film, to put it mildly, was not happy to find that he had just barely filled up one alien, surrounded by a dozen similar ambals. Aversion: fortunately, they proved with concepts — winner need to not to beat crowd, and respect.
Gremlins, too!
Series "Phantasm" - in each series, the characters with great difficulty overcome the demonic Giant, and each time he appears again. It turns out that on the red Planet, many thousands of them were riveted by the polar method, and it is worth destroying one, as soon as the next one is sent to Earth. In the fifth part, wanting to break Reggie's morale, the Big man directly beats the trope-shows the rows of his spears stretching to infinity.
Space Truckers-unethical scientist Nable created for the main villain of the film Saggs combat biomechanical robots in the amount of five thousand (!) pieces'. Despite the fact that one such without any problems is able to make prepared for the defense of a military base with armored vehicles and air support, and to capture the Land enough hundreds.
Horror film "Vile type" 2006 (in the original — "Abominable"): bloodthirsty Yeti defeated, the heroes are taken away in an ambulance, and the police remain to inspect the scene of the massacre. What are those lights flashing among the trees? These are not lights, these are the eyes of a whole Horde of yetis, who came to avenge a murdered brother.
And in another horror movie about the Yeti - "Primitive rage" - the hero, having dealt with a hairy hominid, gets a few arrows in the chest... and looks with horror at three more of the same pigeons coming out of the trees.
"Star wars: a New Hope" - during the flight from the "Death Star" Han Solo cheerfully chased a small detachment of stormtroopers, and as soon as he came across a platoon, just as cheerfully rushed back.
The gag is intentionally, as a reference, repeated in Indiana Jones and the temple of doom. In the role of Khan and Indy — the same actor. A well-known George Lucas — and the main author of "Star wars", and the mastermind of the franchise about Indiana Jones.
"Four-wheel drive" - villains brazenly urinated on the Bedouin, not knowing that his tribe for the nearest dune.
Mortal Kombat - after Liu Ken, johnny cage and Sonia Blade scattered several Shang Tsung fighters, Raiden appears, maliciously congratulates them on their victory and asks "Well, what will you do with these?", pointing to the armed crowd standing behind them. However, fight not had to.
"The mummy" Stephen Sommers-Imhotep great gave the main characters a light, but that's what he climbed to the aid of his mummified priests, they did not expect.
"The mummy returns" - with a wick. The medjai knew in advance that they would have to fight the army of Anubis, and even it was taken away, but Ardeth Bey understands that something is wrong, too easy was given the victory and does not pull this army to the apocalyptic threat. And sure enough, they had killed only one squadron, and the main force was already rushing at them, covering the desert to the horizon.
"Night of the living dead" by George Romero-Barbara mistook the scary man who attacked her and her brother in the cemetery for a raving sex maniac. Fleeing from him, she managed to get to the farmhouse and locked herself inside, and when she looked out the window, there were several similar beauties trampling along with her pursuer. And that was just the beginning!
"Reanimator" Stuart Gordon-beheaded by Herbert West, Dr. hill, on which Herbert tried his serum to revive the dead, knocked out the offender, took supplies of serum, and then caught the girl Dennis, Herbert's neighbor, and with her took refuge in the morgue. Herbert and Dennis came to the morgue to stop this mess. "And what will you do to me?"— asks the mocking head of Dr. hill. "I'm prepared," Herbert replies calmly. "Me too," the head responds, after which all the corpses stored in the morgue suddenly jump up and attack the heroes.
Teenage mutant ninja turtles (1990) - Danny Pennington, accidentally bumping into several robbers in a store, whipped them. And it turned out that there are still a dozen, fortunately arrived Turtles.
"Back to the future" - the scene where Biff's friends in 1955 shove Marty into the trunk of someone's car. When the Negro owner of the car appears and begins to be indignant, he is sent, they say, get out, *****. In response, the entire jazz band emerges from the car: "who are you calling a *****?!". Bullies will retreat.



The moral of this fable is as follows:
Crowd "extinguish" even a lion...

Here is only lion in themselves will come,
He would settle scores with everyone.
And everyone who " extinguished»,
Learns the power of the lion's forces.

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2 hours ago, ch4ncer said:

shut up

The stupidest hare is the one who thinks that if he behaves well, the wolves will not dare to eat him.



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On 12/22/2019 at 5:56 PM, yood said:

The stupidest hare is the one who thinks that if he behaves well, the wolves will not dare to eat him.



Do you get a massive hard on the moment Putin pops up on your tiny TV set and starts his speech ? 

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1 minute ago, ch4ncer said:

Do you get a massive hard on the moment Putin pops up on your tiny TV set and starts his speech ? 

hurt ? I'm not a doctor .

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