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Ran out of Memory

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Hello guys,


I'm always having this "ran out of memory" error.

When someone kill me, and the game shows me the respawn map it crash.


i tried this but does not work: 


My System:

- Windows 10

- i7 8700k

- 16gb RAM 

- RTX 2070

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@MattScott i still got the same issue.

Is there a fix planned for RTX cards or do we have to wait till engine upgrade?

And do we get any kind of compensation for our unusable premium days? (I only can play on my brothers PC with gtx980 but cant use it everytime i wanna play)

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This issue was brought up in the Q&A earlier this month. 

Here's the response that was given:


On 9/10/2019 at 12:36 PM, Kevkof said:

Q: The big one I know a lot of people have asked, with the latest generation of Nvidia cards (the RTX cards), there are several issues on the older live engine where it's causing constant crashes which leaves them unable to play the game without doing quite a few tweaks to be able to play at all. Are RTX cards working as intended and working normally on the engine upgrade and can we expect to see them working as intended when the game goes live?
A: I believe so. I'm well aware, unfortunately, of the memory issues. The RTX issue in live is kind of complicated because the live game is 32-bit and Nvidia's drivers for the RTX cards it's just ... The driver is part of the problem, it's not that backwards compatible and then there's problems on our end because the engine is so old. From what I can tell the RTX cards work beautifully in the new engine. We haven't had any reports of Out of Memory issues or crashes or anything like that. In general there are a number of situations players find themselves in where they do get an Out of Memory error or crash in the current engine that won't happen. That's exclusively because of the jump to 64-bit addressing memory and things like that.

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