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  1. Offline APB PC Services Offline APB PS4 Services Offline APB XBOX Services i see
  2. I know this topic will be unnoticed or deleted.. This is the last squeak of the soul. See what's happening in the social district of Citadel now (it was last place for chilling) There, a couple of imbicils from necrova terrorizing with spam whole area, all days long. Pls add function to ignore them full! We dont wanna watchs coin toss spam! They also requires big cash to stop spamming (sure it scam). Or better ban em (everyone reported allready much times for reason) They killed their own servers coz underage stupid kids/ Remember apb is 18+ Just do something! Noone want to deal with it! Everyone mad & quit apb coz of that^^ Reports is ussless like GMs! Best regards..
  3. Wow they resolved problem error 9, now its 10007, so fair to wait more hours (days) No sarcasm..
  4. The game has not worked for almost a week. Just remind.. P.S.- ignore me.
  5. Because in social you can play without spending your nerve cells on cheaters occupying clubs. (& why deathreat so popular i think) PS- ignore me..
  6. U must be kidding or troling me, okay.. wanna some names & shame? Its not about MS, K/D or Discord. How said JessBTL the problem N#1 here is the community - which consists of the same cheaters, who protect each other in the game and on the forum. Actually official APB Discord owner the cheater with few bans. So teach me more what i don't know.. mb some english lessons? Ur arguments are ridiculous! Leave me..
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