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  1. Alright, sounds like something Would love to see that something in a reasonable time though. x64 compatibility is really nice, RTX crashes fix too. Finally.
  2. I honestly care more about my weapons, that I bought for my money. But if there is a possibility to transfer gifted weapons (Innova rarely gave some away on Anniversaries and New years, I have 2 of those), that would me truly awesome. @MattScott Still, I am eager to know about Cyrillic character names. Will we be able to have our exclusive, in a way, names? It might be problematic for all non Russian speaking folks, since it contains a font, that they are not able to fully use. I would love to save my char's name, because I know, that it is taken on Citadel. Even tho the character itself is not in use at all anymore. I cannot remember if it was on APB, or other game, but there was a server-wide old inactive characters name change. Here is how it was handled: everyone received an email, that informed, that in 2 weeks there is gonna be a name change for everyone. Random numbers would be added to your character's name. The only way to stop that was to log in during that period of time. If you log in in these 2 weeks you keep your nickname. If you do not you get a bunch of numbers in it and a free name change. This way opened a possibility for active players to use their long kept nicknames, because the accounts and chars that had them were not active anymore. Currently I have 2 chars on Nekrowa (and had on Innova): YandereChan (which is occupied by someone on Citadel) and ЯндереТян (which is YandereChan in Cyrillic). In conclusion: I want to keep my name or get my original name back.
  3. @MattScott, what about the character names written in Cyrillic? One of mine is. Will it remain or a free name change will be given? I'm a little sad about my symbols, but it's no biggie. But not being able to use my permanent weapons, which I love, really really sucks. I was waiting for the migration to get the chance to actually use them... There is almost no reason to play Nekrova chars then, just continue with Citadel ones. I wish there was a way to do the migration and keep the inventory, without making a separate ghetto server, like it was done before. Almost everyone knew, that the population of Nekrova will die. First month was full of hyped returning players, but after that... In conclusion: i'm sad
  4. Just got to lvl. 4 and it doesn't seem like I got the quiver, sadly Edit: oh, wait I did get it, but I cannot edit it... bummer
  5. I just got it to lvl. 2 btw Got new title "It's complicated"
  6. I got it in Waterfront, so did my buddy. It's not just asylum or baylan only I got the "Together forever" title too Fitting for me, I love it
  7. Excited to return to APB again! Here's some of my old costumes
  8. I'm excited to return to APB again! Here's some of my old works
  9. Excited to return to APB again! Here's some of my old costumes
  10. Here's some of my old stuff, excited to return to APB again!
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