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  1. This is the intent and what we attempted to do previously. After the first day we corrected the amount of mini games run to last about 30 minutes or slightly more. Edit: Let us know if there's anything we can improve. We'll make corrections within our capabilities along the way.
  2. The first event on Jericho will take place in 3 hours at 18:00 PT The next one will take place ~4 hours after, but @ComFeyer will keep you posted on that. Citadel will have another three sets of events at 15:00, 18:00 and 21:00 CET We'll keep them going for longer this time after evaluating feedback from @Yeedman and others.
  3. Since we have a lot of players online right now we're changing up the plans. We're still starting in 30 minutes but we'll be queuing mini games in all bronze districts and all gold districts.
  4. We're going on in ~45 minutes for Citadel (EU). We'll be queuing in: Financial-1 [GOLD] Financial-3 [BRONZE] Financial-9 [BRONZE] No silver districts will be affected by this. 3 minigames will be run at this time and then again at 6 PM CET and 9 PM CET. We'll put up Jericho (NA) times a bit later
  5. We have full GM abilities. We take immediate actions under some circumstances - for certain issues we must get a hold of a CS employee to be of assistance. This could be a missing Armas purchase or accidental deletion of an item, etc.. I think you misinterpreted what I meant by "almost exactly as another player" I was simply implying that we still just have two eyes to watch over a pretty large map. Expecting us to immediately spot griefing taking place while we are 500 meters away looking at something else is a bit out there. We do our best, but we are much more effective when people communicate with us Banning is a touchy subject. As Matt has stated in the past this is the last action we want to take as it rarely leads to anything positive. Cases where banning is considered are carefully inspected before an action is taken. Banning on sight or on the spot is rarely possible, or wise.
  6. There's a recurring misconception that we do not do these things. We actively monitor and we actively prevent griefing and harassment. The difference being that we do not publicly broadcast actions taken against other accounts. While it may seem like we are just being chatty with community members I can assure you that we are almost constantly dealing with other things simultaneously. That being said: we can not be everywhere at all times. You are still expected to utilize the /report functionality on your own, so that we can get to you at a later date. But if you do see us in districts please reach out to us so that we can help. A GM sees the game almost exactly as a player does, and it's difficult to keep track of 79 players at once. We screen applicants thoroughly. We also screen active volunteers thoroughly. If you have questions regarding the commands and toolsets I suggest you send a PM to SakeBee. I can assure you that we observe GMs closely for unacceptable behavior. We have strict guidelines for what we can and can not do. Edit: If you want to report a GM or any possible misuse of their commands/tools, send a PM to SakeBee as well.
  7. Mirele

    Greeter System

    That's more or less how things are. We have no person situated behind us ready with a whip in case we disagree with choices made by the company. We help out, but we are still individuals and I have never felt like my personal opinion was in any way unvalued or dismissed. I've shared my personal opinions and feelings many times in official settings - you just have to go about it in a professional manner, clearly indicating what you are doing. Not quite sure what you mean by the first thing.
  8. I don't believe that there's an overview of us but we are still around! Albeit we are less in numbers than we were previously. We certainly take actions on reports that are relevant to game masters. Plenty of people assume that we can deal with private account matters, but those cases are much better handled by the support team. It's also worth noting that we will never notify you with the result of your report, so it might appear as if we don't react.
  9. I lost track of our duel scores. Might have to do it again some time.
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