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  1. Here is my take. Unfortunately my blurb is not small as I had done it for both characters who are brother and sister. I tried to make their story lore and gameplay friendly "Land of opportunity" he thought when he first got off the ship of San Paro. His home country did not understand him. He needed to get away from that, get some inspiration, let his fantasies slip free into the light. He was hated back home for his open views shown through the art on old cars he used to paint, bringing them another life. People called them creations dictated by evil influences from outside. He left the country not expecting to come back yet still hoping for a welcome. He took his sister with him and shot off to America, San Paro. That was the only place he could afford. First months were not going so well. He and his sister rented small apartment in a rotting house. He found couple of jobs only have them ruined by criminals and therefore denying any income to business and he would end up being made redundant. Same thing was with his sister. She kept on getting more and more frustrated. But in the end they managed to get into more stable places get some connections. Shaolinie she called him. They used to call each other nicknames instead of brother or sister or by real names. It was too old and they were new generation - something had to be different. When they were kids she called him first time with that nickname he laughed: "What do you mean?" "Look at you, going around always looking for higher something yet always seeking for a balance - the yin yang thing and all just like some shaolin monk" she said. "Yeh but why that weird ending, it suits a girl more don't you think?" he asked. "There is got to be something interesting when your nickname is called, some sort of mystery. I mean only males can join Shaolin yet your nick will confuse, set people guessing, set them thinking and in the end it will be more memorable" she explained. "Well in that case you will be Smoker" he said and laughed. She laughed too. "But why? That is totally male nickname. I am nothing like a guy." "Well then you will be Miss Smoker" he corrected. "Sound more like it but I smoke just about the same as others and I smoke outside so there is no smoke in house to keep landlords happy" she tried to counter. "Well this is not a literal nickname. Americans have this as smoking someone as in beating someone really bad and the way you are you could beat the living thing out anyone whether it is physically or verbally. You smoke them all" he laughed. From that day on they called each other like that. .................................................................................................................................................................. Shaolinie ended up working in a pretty busy bar in Trespass club. The place was filled with shady people. You could see a lawful person from miles away. No other place wanted to take an immigrant who had past history of attracting destruction to the businesses. Though it was not his fault and things were going to happen anyway people still believed what they wanted. It is the times when working behind the counter in Trespass he met loads interesting people. He got introduced to Double B and Pagan. They said that if he ever looked for a job in different line of business he could always contact them. He got to meet Zombie and Charlotte Bloodrose - real celebrities in the club. Rumours about their criminal activity were always in the air but police had no way of getting to them. Uncaught they enjoyed the protection of the club. Meanwhile Smoker managed to get around police force. She really wanted to work with policemen like Saul Linklater or Miguel Estebano. They meant business when time came to dealing with criminals. But by day things were getting worse on the streets. Criminal activity was growing each day and soon police force was starting to lose control over the city. Then Mayor Elections came with Jane Derren promoting the City Security Act. Smoker loved the idea and therefore went and voted for this to pass when time came. Shaolinie said nothing. He was proud of her. Yet working in the bar was not going to cut it. His passion was still not fulfilled. Car designs did not seem to happen and those two contacts of Pagan and Double B were just getting warmer in the pocket. Then the day came - CSA was now official program and Smoker came back home all cheerful - she was in. Praetorians accepted her as trainee and soon she was going on her first patrol. Being the man of balance Shaolinie made a decision - legal work will leave his passion and dream in ruins - time to call. Soon he was going through streets with his face covered, to spray some walls on the order from Double B. Something closer to his dream but not yet. It was easy job and he earned more cash in that one day than his pay and tips at Trespass for a week combined. He was always leaving the house when Smoker is not on patrol so that their paths never cross. Told her he had found a girlfriend but was too shy to introduce her and would do that when he feels comfortable about it. She did not insist. Then on the job where Shaolinie had to raid a shop he got spotted by enforcement unit and things turned ugly – now those who protect shot first then asked the questions. He got lucky. Shot hit his partner in crime - all because he was so tired from running across alleyways. He was so tired that he did not see small ledge on the ground and ended up tripping. The two enforcers were not yet experienced which resulted in his partner getting shot and killed giving Shao time to escape. After that he came back home took all his saving for cars and bought himself Star 556 and SNR 850 alongside storage space in warehouses belonging to Joker Ammo - all he could afford so far from the jobs he done. Joker was an organisation that was storing weapons and trading ammo for both factions. He was thinking about raiding them but changed his mind when he heard what their private security done to enforcers when they tried to take weapons belonging to criminals by force. After that missions became more dangerous but being able to stay alive got him respect from his contacts and he was referred to higher standing members of respective underground organisations - G-Kings and Bloodroses. Same was for Smoker her eagerness to fight crime made her notorious and she got spotted by Prentiss Tigers and soon she was rolling on patrols for both organisations earning money and fighting the crime. Shaolinie soon realised that he won't survive alone and started to look for people he could be doing jobs together more often - people he could trust with his life, people that would be loyal to each other. These kinds of people appeared and disappeared - killed or thrown in jail. Then when he was hanging around Breakwater Marina, looking at amazing car designs of other more famous criminals and enforcers, he got a text: "We have just assembled a crew and looking for assets to join. You look like you could be it. Evade" Number was not anonymous so he replied to message - "Yes". Next thing you know he is rolling with Infamous crew - scoring bigger and bigger jobs, earning money, getting cars and more importantly designing them. Business was going superb. Same thing was with Smoker. She got approached by enforcer name Hot Pursuit. She was the leader of Infamous Enforcers - a group of crazy enforcers only looking for fun while cleaning San Paro from scum that infests it. It appeared to be especially fun when she got introduced to Crowd Control Gun or more commonly known as CCG. You could now shoot criminals and the gas would make them dizzy and stun them. It was funny to mock them and then before they could get wits about they would end up in cuffs and being put into a van straight to jail. Oh those insults and threats coming from the vans so enjoyable to listen to. They were made - Shaolinie and Miss Smoker, them and their crews getting more and more famous. Kicking patootie and taking names, making money, expressing themselves and being able to stay alive. They earned respect among their own and the other sides of the law. Those who managed to survive to this day know those names and treat them with respect. Having fun with them in Breakwater Marina and keeping an eye out outside of it.
  2. lol have not played this in a while but I went to go and see this after I posted lol was not too sure if this was automatic but thanks tho
  3. I am all for it but I'd prefer there would still be option for longer premium. 6 months was so convenient rather than needing to keep re-doing it. Would you guys look into option of automatic renewal maybe?
  4. This was and still is very good tip video. Still use a lot of stuff from it
  5. Man I only just got back into the game and to miss this oh well at least my characters are in the original one though would have loved to be part of it again Can't wait to see it though Doing this many players sounds like nuts
  6. There is a reason why this game never got body parts and everyone uses largest character hitbox - as many characters there are with complex customization you would now have to add hitbox. Also those who figure out the hitbox would all just go create midget skinny characters so that it is harder to hit them as they have smaller profile and can hide better. Hit boxes work well when all characters are the same. APB had a decision to make about it and I think it is a right one. What game needs is total balance overhaul. When was the last time anyone picked up STAR or SHAW, or any LTL weapons and was consistently successful with them? When was the last time anyone used Kevlar? Got something other than nitrous in the car or chose Seyo Espacio as their vehicle to run missions in? Most of the time if someone is using OCA it is RS3, CJ3 and then its some random perk depending on how they feel - it might as well come with the first 2 by default That is what is needed for the game first, then new content to keep us interested as well as events. Bring back leagues for kills, wins etc and give rewards for them (create minimum rank to qualify as to cheaters to be banned before even getting there and spoiling everything) Threat levels also need looking at. I should not be gold for always being worst player on the winning team when I am getting negative KD - it should involve more things for the scoring. Even social is reduced to just one corner - might as well cut the rest of it - things just feel quite off balance and that is why its hard to love APB as much as you'd love your CoD or BF or what ever. Right now we love it like parents who love their annoying teenagers - he is a prick now but he has so much potential to do great things in life I hope this stuff is made easier and is next after engine upgrade I'd start buying premium and designing again maybe even revive my youtube channel and maybe a miracle would happen and my clan mates would come back to the game too
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