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  1. Puts us in a mission with a really obvious max ranked hacker. Pre-firing every corner you hide behind. Even when you are away from the objective. What was even the point of changing anti cheats when they both apparently don't work? Having really lurked around to know the status of this game developments in months, but its heart wrenching to see & experience the game still having this problem.
  2. SuperFuzz

    Kids who run with objectives

    In that case the problem isn't the act of someone running. The problem lies with the aim of that individual.
  3. SuperFuzz

    Criminal or Enforcer

    Wheres the checkbox option for "Enforcer, LTL to complete achievements"?
  4. SuperFuzz

    Kids who run with objectives

    This is why I recommend to new players to pick the alig for their free tutorial gun. The only real problem with running is the decreased cool down on nos when you're premium. That starts to dip into the p2w bucket, that you can use 2x as much as the non premium players.
  5. Welp, couple missions in & already ran into a blant waller. Hope it takes time to clear them out.