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  1. When a game no longer interests you, play something else... I'm currently playing GTFO, just gotta take your mind off it with something that isn't stale.
  2. There's a reason modern systems are starting to do "Name#xxxx"; LO's blunder with the name changes was really bad and screwed over quite a few people for sure.
  3. But, how can he explain to his opponents on how they are less than upstanding individuals and inform them about his sexual escapades with their mothers?
  4. I can only speak based on what I've seen many years ago; when the NA servers had dozens of districts available, I played in the gold district as did many other people and I was against new people all the time. They were full, just like the silver ones from what I remember. The game's population has atrophied big time and our current situation is of an extreme nature and super unusual, not really a good basis as a population forecast, lol.
  5. High-Magnification Scope and Cooling Jacket 3.
  6. I don't really care what you think. Your borderline gibberish posts about this are so hilariously riddled with spite no one is going to take you seriously. This game isn't my whole life (unlike yours) and I don't have that much time to play it outside of university, so I'm not going to sit in a district with literally 0 players. End of story. Game's fault for adding visible segregation in the first place. Was heavy handed and poorly implemented to this very day. Get over it, nerd.
  7. I login to play the game, not sit in a dead district for 6 hours and give up trying to fill it. Thanks though.
  8. Ok. That's the point I was making.
  9. illgot's vision of good balancing: Play the game and generate threat. Get punished for playing game and die. Potentially lose the entire mission if it happens at inopportune time. ??? "Balance."
  10. Love it. Those pictures creep me out LOL, I'm terrified of heights... my stomach inverts when I fall long distances in video games!
  11. And chopper gunners. Maybe a tactical nuke or two; very urban crime, right?
  12. LO is the greatest thing to happen to this degenerate game - this alone is a good thing. If G1 was still in charge, instead of LO's communication and actual progress we'd have about 4 ARMAS sales and maybe a new sniper rifle or two. If the Engine Update is, yet again, not released next year then it will be a worse year due to false hope.
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