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  1. Pretty sure it was CSG first, cause I bought a Whisper and CSG (both PR-2) really early on, lol. Man, I've come a long way...
  2. You also skipped over the part where support is your only avenue for this, which is true. Sucks you got banned if you were legitimate, but I don't believe that you were; talk to support.
  3. ^ This. I bought the PR2 for the 'Whisper' and CSG when I was first starting out, they're awful to switch and use - especially during a mission. I tried asking G1 to literally downgrade them and Puck told me to go puck myself.
  4. I used to recommend the n-tec for new players, but I realized that getting that timing down and learning about positioning make it a bit tricky. PMG or the STAR are better, me thinks.
  5. Just make sure you have a good cpu, this game runs like crap.
  6. I did it on two characters as well, stop being a baby. Other people having these items doesn't take away from your enjoyment of the game unless you're an entitled brat who has way too much free time on their hands and an unhealthy obsession with pixels. You're more focused on denying people some items that they have to pay for than the game itself. You guys are delusional. You want to punish people for not sticking around a game with one of the worst track records for new content/reasons to even login, by keeping items exclusive for no other reason than to be slightly e-cooler on the Internet and show off? This community is such a dumpster fire. No one thinks we're cool because we have devil wings. But, they do think you're pathetic for thinking that actually makes you cooler.
  7. Get it for free or pay to unlock it - pretty self explanatory, but I guess not.
  8. "But I'll lose, and who will think I'm cool then?" - Every cheater, ever.
  9. You want to buy a kit for a vehicle you protest with a nerf for in your signature? Lol.
  10. That's why all that's left of this "community" is a glorified malignant polyp in the colon of the video gaming industry. I've met 2, kind of 3, nice people since I came back a few months ago - the rest have been "turbo cancer" edge lords.
  11. It's been a long time since I bought a pack, but I thought you could only buy them per character and not account wide?
  12. If you've seen what I've seen, would that really surprise you?
  13. Exclusivity gets in the way of customization.
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