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  1. Ursus is a worse N-TEC. Don't say "well established fact" when it's purely a stupid anecdote; one that you drummed up to make your completely incorrect post seem to have some measure of merit to it.
  2. Nahhh, you didn't. That's your retort? Ammo boxes? None of the other things I said are relevant? Okay. I guess FC "skirmishes" simulate mission environments 1:1. Of course though, you're not here to change anyone's mind or anything, you just want to call their opinions wrong, explain why they're wrong, and then go into so much detail about it that you literally render yourself irrelevant. That's the part you say 'thanks' for explaining a function of a forum you weren't aware of. Not that I expect courtesy from a FC God-King or whatever you are.
  3. Friend, do you know what the term concise means? One of the first things I learned when writing APA is, "clear, concise, and concrete". Your walls of text, your effort you put in, is literally being wasted because of your approach. You can get the same message across without the gratuitous megalomaniacal rants. Just saying. Also, if you're going to call @Revoluzzer and @GhosT out, you should tag them. Otherwise, I wouldn't be surprised if they don't notice unless they choose to sift through that blazing catastrophe. Just my opinion, as I did actually read most of that dumpster fire of a post, Fight Club statistics or scenarios don't mean jack when balancing around missions. There's no vehicles (not really), no objectives to protect, ammo is essentially irrelevant, the game isn't balanced around teams of that size in missions, etc. I could go on as I'm really only getting started, but it's late. Goodnight.
  4. They're not going to want to stick around. Most of them are being brutalized by dethreaters because this threat system is absolutely dogsh!t.
  5. Not sure if you know this or not, but if you open your character info (default key is "J" I think) and switch to the "Progression" tab's contact list and double-click a contact you can remote pledge and/or accept their DA without having to actually drive over to them? Let's you easily skip some of the more monotonous daily activities.
  6. The pepe avatar, "sweaty-*" above it, username "Synthetiic" (sharp edge), the "eksde", and how you write (EU?)... Not shocked you're banned, lol. EDIT: Oh, and you were using autosprint and removing muzzle flashes, grenade smoke, and car explosions... Naturally.
  7. If you're going to quote me, then it's important to capture what I actually said. I said they're not as big a deal as the guy was making them out to be, except for car det, because as I outlined above, I hate it for personal reasons. It's like martyrdom in CoD. It only works once, but it's still annoying.
  8. I think it took 35 days for them to get back to me from my last ticket. I think Lixil has a Discord you can message directly, but idk for sure.
  9. You're not listening; there's a difference between "influencing" the outcome of a match and "heavily influencing" it. As if these R195 mods are going to double your win rate by themselves. All I see on this forum is, "LOL" but almost never post anything constructive. You guys just snipe and dismiss everyone. Only a few people here actually commit any effort like Revo. Radar tower is good, blowtorch is niche, spotter I feel is too situational now that ammo box can't let you swap guns - I'd rather have car spawner (cause spawns are awful) than ammo box to switch weapons depending on the area of the map we're fighting in. I could be wrong, I'm not infallible. I'm not claiming that. I don't know if I'm high MMR or not, but it sure seems like it as I fight the same people every single day and they do not suck. This is my opinion based on what I see and thousands of hours of chemotherapy from playing this game. If you think I'm wrong, explain why. Don't do what Cookie does and post for a +1 post count, it's weak.
  10. Trench coats wouldn't have physics, so they'd be awful. Gotta wait for proper clothing physics before I'd want to see them.
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