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  1. I got the same issue yesterday, tried and failed: launching game without launcher repairing APB from launcher deleting and renaming the file that BE was blocking (even with the file deleted, the game still crashed with the same error message) reinstalling the Microsoft package that contained the file BE was blocking, in case the file was corrupted clean install of BE re-downloading/re-installing APB Ended up getting mad and doing a clean install of Windows which fixed the issue but is definitely not an ideal solution
  2. I've gotten FPS drops since around the BattleEye update, and I know a bunch of people are in the same boat. My FPS drops a lot more in Slay Bells and even more in Beacon - not to mention the weird audio delay in Beacon too. Trust me, you're not alone on this one
  3. From a business perspective, bringing people back with events before the engine/server upgrades won't make anyone want to stick around - they'll take one look at how badly the game is performing at the moment and run back to other games. To me it makes a lot more sense to fix things up and then try to get people to play again, because they'll be a lot more likely to enjoy the game, stick around and help build the community back up
  4. I really hope this isn't any sort of new content, we don't need anything added until at least the engine is upgraded, if not the servers as well. The game is performing worse than ever, and the more content that's released now will just make more work in the long-run
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