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  1. I hope this will become reality. I have long had this idea that the Marina Convention Centre is a huUUUUge unused space basically. Sure it has dozens of customization and marketplace booths but in all honesty, who ever uses them? Therefore I have thought it would be cool if the "Convention Centre" was used like and actual convention centre: to display all sorts of products and goods. Put all that space to use and lay the Joker items out in there so we could actually see what we are buying ourselves into.
  2. Since RIOT seems to be a never returning dead feature in the game, would be great if they removed all the RIOT crap from social and replaced the contact with Matt. Overlooking the entire district
  3. Kind of hoping the Rainbow title will make a return at some point, I would even pay for it. Pride month after all is every year not only in 2015... I understand exclusive event reward titles and long time loyalty ones but for random log in rewards on global holidays/events I don't get the idea. Here's me, an "Obeya Trailblazer" saying that elitism about stuff like this does no good for anybody.
  4. I have received several macro accusations in whispers lately after I made a new character that doesn't have any premium or JT guns and which means I've been using FBW as my sole sidearm lately. I guess I am screwed now, huh? (because you know, it is impossible that somebody with 1800h over 7 years in a game actually knows how to use a specific gun)
  5. I have roughly 1800h in this game, playing since 2013 on Obeya II/Citadel and been at the high end of Silver threat-wise. Been playing my Enf main all this time basically but now a few weeks back made myself a criminal character and started playing it for variety. There's some interesting things I noticed: 1. When you are low rank, your teammates expect you to be an idiot basically but didn't really notice any griefing or harassing per se (maybe because I played alright). 2. But now when I have ranked up to roughly R100, I've been noticing a lot of crap and hackusations from the opposing players. I'm not in any position to skill shame anybody nor do I intend to because I don't consider myself a "good" player, but in my observations, the accusations usually come from people who really don't play good themselves. Just yesterday got accused by a silver R170 who was getting carried by a bronze R30 who was evidently a real new player not just a new character. Seems to be an attitude issue in my opinion. First of all people don't seem to understand that rank does not determine skill because of multiple characters per account, and secondly without naming names, there are several people in the back of my head who I've seen just whine in whispers the entire mission instead of actually trying to play.
  6. It relates to it like this that I agree with your theoretical point. Giving formely premium items away for free and lowering the bar to obtain them so low that almost anybody can get them with little to no effort will not benefit LO. It is still a business not a charity. I just wanted to express my opinion that the theoretical benefits wouldn't probably justify the theoretical damage.
  7. Well cool, nothing wrong about that, But if you really are a serious collector you probably like APB and are a long time player. Therefore I really think it won't hurt you to go and buy some of those identical items on Armas and support the game or if you really don't want to do that then I'm sure you'll get those eventually through grinding too. It seems like people forget they didn't pay a dime to download and play this game (unless they bought the original release) and I don't shame people who haven't bought premium gear: that's the whole idea of a F2P game. But when some premium gear is made available for free through gameplay and then to complain that it isn't obtainable fast enough sounds quite entitled imho. Population-wise and especially concerning new players, giving them the best weapon in the game (what that would be is up to anybody's interpretation) wouldn't still solve the reason why most of them quit forever after 2-3 hours of gameplay.
  8. I don't think you're supposed to go and buy them all, just as you probably wouldn't go buying every single item on Armas. It is a valid way of letting people get formerly premium gear for just playing now and I don't think they should just be giving stuff away. Besides you can earn upwards of 1150JT (400+400+7*50) every week if you play fight club and do daily tasks from mission district contacts.
  9. Umm... you know they are cumulative, right? I would agree with you if you only got the gold prize but if eligible you also get bronze and silver prizes so 50 +150 + 200 = 400JT in total. If you ask me doubling your reward (200 vs 400) is a pretty significant difference.
  10. Yeah, I suggested N-TEC 5 to a friend and he liked it a lot. Not sure what you mean by 3 tap kills though. Unless you are talking about assists or pre-damage, that's never going to happen.
  11. Intriguing question actually, never thought about it like that, because as a player starting out, all the open slot or pre modded rental weapons are locked, leaving basically just premiums if you're not happy with the stock standard weapons. Well that's still how I grinded my way through the levels renting stock weapons and trying out what they do. Started with STAR, then tried OCA, OBIR some N-HVR. Personally I found OCA to be a pretty easy gun to play with, even with no mods (but that may be because believe it or not, in my 1400 or so hours I have never tried PMG).
  12. So it only affects the standing and payouts outside of missions (e.g. delivering/impounding stolen cars or loot)? Because it certainly affects that.
  13. People who say that bounty system is useless and has no effect to gameplay should remember that bounty is tied to the prestige/notoriety system which directly affects your payouts and contact standing at the end of missions though a multiplier corresponding to each level. The only thing is that the lvl.4 multiplier is 1.8 I think and lvl.5 (bounty) is 2.0 which is not enough. If that multiplier was significantly higher, it would introduce a challenge to try and survive until the end of the mission to cash out on a huge reward. Otherwise, I don't have anything against the bounty system. Personally, I don't think I have ever lost a mission directly because of having a bounty on me and getting killed. Not competitive, yes, maybe, but that's the entirety of APB with the big open districts and random people driving around the streets.
  14. Care to explain? When a silver is dispatched against a bronze one, the bronze one can call backup to even the stakes. How's it not related to matchmaking?
  15. Back in the G1 days when I was vouching for threat segregation, I was almost skinned alive for such a stupid idea, but that of course was when you would find 2 full silver districts of both Financial and Waterfront. My point is that gold districts were empty even then so all golds were in silver, silvers in bronze but where should the bronze go? What's the point of even having those "skill groups" if you will, if you don't use them and make people play against equals? I have brought up to 5 friends to APB over the years and I have seen even friends quitting forever after maybe 2-3h in game and this is something that this game can't afford at this time. One other point I'd want to make is that imo the skill difference between a gold and a "good gold" is too big - it is too easy to become gold. I have played for years but never enough in one go to become really good. I am fluctuating between silver and gold all the time but I admit without shame that I get absolutely molested by some golds and usually drop to silver again after a few games as gold threat. So perhaps the bar to becoming a gold should be raised a bit too.
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