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  1. step 1 mount

    step 2 demount

    step 3 while demounting press alot of keys. 3-5 seems to work

    step 4 crash

    cause: shitty code

    fix: remove shitty code


    Hope this helps i was bored testing this for like an hour and seems to happen often


    ALso the eye bug. you know were you choice brown or something and then you log in and there default? thing thats linked to BS. i noted after leaving bs it would happen, but it could be time synce needs more testing

  2. when your starting out the best course of action is not to hang around bone claw it is the do the starter quest sell your nag craft a imp riding horse. that is horses 1 then imp horses 1 this will take around an hour or so but do the other quest then head to zanes if your rifle, the air rifle quest there is soild for south s1, and if your pistol go to depot 66 the two semi autos there are alright for s1

    or if you want go to zanes for 1 pistol which is a reskinned GA-15 and go to north burb and find the quest for a normal GA-15. and theres around half a million quest for GA-8 and one in watch tower for a scoped magnum rifle


    That is all


    ALso i'm king of the fourms again! HA

  3. 7 hours ago, Aroa Croft said:

    You believe the nonsense that you say yourself, denying the evidence and the reality. You  can continue safetly in your "matrix" you will be fine. I will continue in the real world and I will say that this game "does not work", ifty people maximum playing and an average of 30 people playing, not counting a few characters with level 1 that are afk on the first map.  You can see it in this link, I have checked it and I would say that even the sum of active characters is inflated.       ----  https://steamcharts.com/app/113420


    Maybe, not you who don't paint anything, maybe the creators, gm, dev or whatever, should think about whether starting from scratch would be good to reduce the maps, a suggestion! maybe it will work! at least I saw mattscot playing the game, and I'm surprised that he allowed the game to be completely relaunched, he already knew what was going to happen and the hell was going to hit him in a few months. I just hope they learn and if they remaster it, they will release a couple of maps or three. and the game of a real beginning. not this garbage


    and... post data, look, I really don't like you, but I think you're the kind of person who criticizes everything without having a fucking idea. Sometimes it's better to take one step back to move two forwards, I'll leave it there. bye bye and have a good day everyone




    Not even in years, I'm too old to put up with assholes or brats. I don't have as much patience as before and I'm no longer interested in games, there aren't any that really caught my attention


    A very sweet greeting, Tana, take care

    ever thought more content would bring back players? wait we already did this. talking to you is like talking to a child. i can run circles all day and end up no were


    oh and you must have some good patience seeign hwo your still putting up with my shit

  4. 12 hours ago, mrfaann said:

    I suggest reaching out to the game's developers or posting on the game's forums to express your concerns and provide feedback on the game's balance. They may take your feedback into consideration and make changes accordingly.

    In the meantime, you can try adjusting your playstyle and loadout to accommodate for the current state of the game. You may also consider playing with a group to help improve your chances in gunfights.

    i see you have not played. go ahead and try to adjust. you got three weapons. ntec oca and colby 45


    want to use anything? well get bent buddy becuase don,t 1 of those 3 can and will kill you


    tell me to get good? go play asylum or fin for an hour and come back here

  5. so what i understand is that if people streamed FE maybe it would to get an update? seems like your trying to make more cash by making things easier for people who stream games. which are also known for being whiny people who cry until devs make games like that want, even though there going to stop streaming it in 2-3 weeks more then likey


    oh and wears my traffic cone hat?


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  6. On 3/1/2023 at 8:35 PM, Thanatosofone said:

    Pepper jack is mid.


    I wanna taste the cheese, not whatever you packed into it.


    and that sandwich you mentioned is perfect for some baby swiss, or even some thin sliced smoked provolone.


    i do not like swiss, but the smoked provolone has my attention

  7. 2 hours ago, PingOVER9000 said:

    Well... I guess for my my little experience any unfinished business and calling it good without hearing the opinion of your  precious ""friends"" or  ""customers"", the results were fucked up from the beginning.


    But Then about car balancing, I guess we may tell SPCT team made a great work... overall 




    car balancing? you mean the sleds we drive around on that blow up for no reason and/or might clip into walls and kill us?

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  8. heres a fun fact i learned on the final four contacts you will do to get yourself to 255. it takes ten missions win or lose in order to gain 1 level. that means two level 15 contacts, and two level 20 contacts


    Took me several months playing daily in order to get enough missions to get them both up. thats way to much god dam time to get to the very end game when you can just buy anything you need at 195.

  9. 17 hours ago, PingOVER9000 said:

    If I remind well (and I have a good memory..I guess?) the weapons changes was in big part a clue from the SPCT team, at that time, "matured" during their tests.


    Of course a lot of people tried to put some reason about these the fact these changes have sent a lot of them directly in the useless chart, but in vain and after some time to a certain "passionate and lovely but stubborn proud of a  Ghost" I am still expeting to admit his mighty incompetence, but I have lost my friendly hopes  🤗


    Of course, it's not totally his/ their fault, it was asking too much asking the balance patch was perfect in everything at the first strike and LO dropped totally the interest for balacing the weapons/ game etc with the excuse of the new engine... that we have ever see and ofc dont giving these good souls to finish the work.


    With this I conclude to share the flashback of mine..



    they really did fuck up trying to "balance" guns in this game. i spend more time on the loading screen waiting to respawn becuase all the meta kills me before i can think and anything outside of it i look like a dumbass trying to use it

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