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  1. 2 hours ago, 404 said:




    the gun just naturally fires fast, it has a min ttk of less than a second (.84s)



    yea you see that less then 1 ttk? when you do what im talking about you hit the guns max rate of fire which is stupidly high so you do get a laser beam of death that you basically can not avoid. it's even worse with cj3 on it. you might act like i'm stupid but i sure as fuck seen and know what I'm talking about

  2. On 9/17/2020 at 8:24 PM, Thanatosofone said:

    If you wanna hang out with me any time soon, you better come play other games.

    what game you playing? maybe if marry crawls out of her hidey hole i can bring her along. it would be like standing on embry pod

  3. 15 hours ago, 404 said:

    i have serious doubts that you've ever actually used this gun

    i have, and i'll put this here too. due to certain things you can do ingame that isn't counted as cheating you can make the gun fire like a god dam smg. trust me I've done I've seen it and it makes the gun stupid op in cqc or long range. why am i not telling you what it is before you ask. so that way it doesn't become more of an issue then it is 

  4. you remember that stupid "recommend a friend" thingy g1 did then removed because HOLY SHIT what a shocker people exploited.

    can we get those items / guns in the joker store. i would very much like the have the temptress for sale, as well as the famas looking thing ffa? I don't remember not the bull shark added because i know it was removed after tiggs did that thing she did that would be cool plus give us like 2 guns and some other missing stuff. and don't you come to this page bitching "wah wah my rare items wont be rare" I don't wanna fucking hear it

  5. vip missions go like this

    1 your vip is stupid runs the whole match and dies forcing a loss then he spends the time after the match saying how useless his team was

    2 your vip has no idea he is vip

    3 your vip is really good and it's a fun final match

    4 the opp lasers your vip and targets him the whole time and makes the fight a hard one

    or 5the vip doesnt want to do the mission kills himselfs/refuses to play


    rarely fun mostly in low rank matchs 2v2s 3v3s etc. vip needs to be more of a 5v5 

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  6. 9 hours ago, EvaPooh said:

    Without condemning or condoning your rant, I agree with the sentiment.


    They are fixing it, but they want to just get this engine update rolled out so they can start overhauling other systems in the game first.

    i tent to get angry for reason at all and go off like a fire bomb in a fire works factory. atleast you didn't tell me i was a smart and/or i should kill myself

  7. number 2 is stupid. S1 is made for a understanding of the basic game function. no one pvped in s1 due to g1 changing it so that no factions gave no dt due to an exploit 

    number 4 is just why

    number 9 we have stage 3. ever made one? no it takes pvping hours of faction farming a shit ton of mat farming and hours of hours of crafting. cheaper to go for GT suit after a volatile hex/mesa suit 

    number 11 your asking for trouble too many low levels would accidentally run into or get cuirois and die 

    number 12. it;s like that expect the keeps come open at any time. you gotta take the risk of alerting a faction to that zone. in say 2014 dump pvp attacking one of those keeps you would draw atleast 5 players to the zone that would attack you. as of 2018 that died out 

    number 10 out post isnt really worth the time keep it in so people will travel beyond the wall, and further more lower how awful the difficulty is so single players can do the ends with ease. like scaling to team or players in the event zone


    is your point to make the game harder for new comers? thats what i got off this list

  8. im sure game is dying not because of LOs nature or anything they got access to all the data and they play it them selfs (co ive been told) and try to adjust the play for more people. the issue is what i see every fucking time i log in. you go to silver theirs 20 people. what happens? the same match for 5 matchs in a row its a 2v2 same two opp same people you can not kill because 1 there better then you or 2 there cheating. and this gos on for hours minutes how ever long you play. then you get a new one same shit and it's because of the fact your fighting the same 6 people with the same six guns that it gets stale boring as fuck frustrating. so all that is happening is a dying game is dying because it's the same thing with no new matchs each time. i swear if they add a coll down so you can't face off the same shitty pre-made that can pin point your spawns each time not allowing you to play it would help a tiny bit. BUT AW FUCK WHO AM I KIDDING THERE JUST GONNA NERF MORE GUNS AND ADD PRESET CLOTHES TO ARMAS RIGHT?


    no seriously LO fix this matching with the same people when you can't fucking kill them no matter how hard you try how many times you change your gun shit. it's not fun to play this dull patootie game when it's the same each time i log in. stale = game death. look what happen to fallen earth 1 sector open in my time  and it wasn't worth it, and it didn't draw back people for long

  9. AND YET you didn't touch the stupid fucking cr762. not a dam bit thats lovely. i sure still do enjoy getting killed in 4 shots by people who spam click the shit out of it and being that it works well in cqc and long range it's gonna stay broken woot. oh and can you fix the r2? it's still a worthless rsa/fbw mix with the ammo reserve of "maybe you want to kill two people" becuase it takes 4 shots min and max to kill with 7 in the gun and like 32 ammo or something

  10. yea i know you don't care but lets go. so reloading in this game is awful iv'e seen things here that just confuse me. like 1 why on some guns do i hold the bolt and rock it back and forth thats not charging the gun thats doing nothing. can we please change this. and why do we reload so slow even without extend mag? i understand combat and all but it feels like it takes me fuck all forever to get one mag out one mag in rock the handle and get the gun ready again. im not in a firing range im in a battle i don't need to be fucking about. one thing that bothers me too is the VBR why does it get a chambered round? most semi-auto guns can do that infact why not give us two reloads because if i reload when my mag is 2/30 then i put a new mag in use the charging hanlde all i'm doing is spitting out a live round. so why not let all guns that can have a chambered round in them for a faster reload + 1 extra bullet that would help keep pace in battle  and it gives you a chance to redo the vbrs mod into something more useful rather then a sr15 but it has a bit more ammo and is slightly less mobile.

    ALSO why dont we use speed loaders? only reason no one wants to use show revolvers is the fact you load them one at a time. 

  11. i had a kid. refused to use anything but a ogre and yukon (this was g1 pre yukon fix) and percs. what he would do is hide run up behind me and spam percs and his two cguns whisper me all sorts of lovely rascal slurs and other words. then t-bag me and say i was bad. besides that. does a majority of silver district players count? i mean they rage whisper if you eat them when they got broken guns and do anything in there power to kill you. like a while back was in silver and had a 255 gold doing anything he could to kill me and two very low rank bronzes and saying were shit at the game. 

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  12. haven't felt like playing, because my account for what ever unholy reason is gold, and silver/gold is dead and all my characters need water front no one gos to waterfront. iv'e basically gotten all of the steam achievements i can get and ram raiding is boring now.. other then that i can't wait till this whole virus BS is gone

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