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  1. 12 hours ago, Queen of Love said:

    Restore patch 2012.
    p5n5 hunt was fun
    out of borders was fun
    Ninjaripper extraction was fun
    Nude mod was really fun.
    Team kick with no restritions was fun 

    I mean. through methods that would 110% get me banned you can make the models nude under certain condions. Only thing special is that girls have nipples becuase there just a smaller male model. Other then that it looks like a barbie down there

  2. 2 hours ago, BlatMan said:


    They have multiple websites. They should be posting all of their product updates on their websites. I just makes sense. Why pay for web hosting if they're not going to use it?


    Not everyone has discord, and not everyone wants to join a random server where they can be tracked. I'm not even talking about selling data, I mean other random discord users stalking people, being annoying.

    The fact the site is filled with creeps A-Z and people wanting to sell you stuff that may or may not be illegal, or sending you wierd shit.

  3. 3 hours ago, MACKxBOLAN said:

    What kind of cockamamie crap is going on with U LO. 

    What is up with your YO-YO servers, Ya know 

    not everyone has discord. 

     I speak for the Many, tell us what you've done.  

    no no mack. they expect you to get the app the cool kids are using becuase it's the kewl thing to do. because everyone these days spends 99.99% of there waking hours talking to random people across the internet

  4. 2 hours ago, FunMan said:


    Is anyone else dealing with the aftermath of Little Orbit's latest "improvement"? I am livid! This matchmaking update not only failed to enhance the situation, but it has completely halted all matches!

    Imagine this: you log into the game, ready to battle, spend time with friends, or just relax, and instead, you're greeted with an endless match wait. And it's not just minutes, it's almost a full hour! 🕒

    How is this even possible? Little Orbit, you should not have released this update until it was 100% ready! Now players are suffering due to your ill-conceived actions. This is unacceptable! 😡

    We demand an immediate resolution to this issue! We want a game we can play, not an endless wait. Little Orbit, listen to your audience and fix this nightmare! #FixTheMatchmaking #LittleOrbitListenUp #WeWantToPlayNow 📢

    There fix was making it like every other online pvp game. sit n wait and wait and they hope you buy something off the market while waiting.

    Still think tf2 has the fastest match times to this day.

  5. 18 hours ago, FakeBungo said:

    they literally don't have a development team, but yes 1v1s shouldn't exist. 2v2s and 3v3s aren't a problem though.

    They got a team. it conset of 4 people from linkedin who are 100% real people and not AI made to look real




    On a serious note. trying to find anything about LO is quite the pain, and half the time the info changes, but it does not seem many are employed there, nor do they have favorable reviews

  6. 53 minutes ago, vsb said:

    there’s always another sucker 

    Buy packs or don't buy anything. whole game is p2w even if you loudly say it isn't all the good stuff is behind a paywall

  7. 1 hour ago, R3ACT3M said:

    Yea there should be systems in place where maybe 3-4 times a day the matchmaking will stop putting players into normal missions and waits for everyone to be finished. Then when nobody is left in a mission it starts a mega all out war mission where the entirety of the crims will fight the entirety of the enforcers. This no doubt would do well as I have only seen positives from the times they would host gun game events where it pretty much was 80 or so players against each other. APB is not a game for testing 1 on 1 skill it's peak enjoyment is when there is just tons of chaos happening on screen.

    Could que special missions for those. i don't think a 3 rounder would be fun 40-40. would need something like 8-20 rounds That would let the chaos rain

  8. Don't forget the many MANY times you get a 1v1 or 2v2 with the 10 round mission. which becomes ipossible if one side is way better then the other, Or if both are balanced it just become a big run around for the items with it coming to a stale mate in the end. Or how often it comes down to a 2v2 one afks on yours or the opposing team and well, you got to decide to be nice or just camp them for points

    i want to see a district with every one on a single team doing one mission at a time. Image the ten rounder on a 40 v 40.

  9. 13 hours ago, Darkzero3802 said:

    Yea. Twice aint worth anything. We both know to understand the game you need at least 500hrs of playtime. Maby he does have a personal account and we dont know it? But going off the decisions hes been making and the shift away from what APB is. I would have to say no he doesnt play nor does he understand what makes APB APB.

    I mean your first hint is the never ending nerfs for any guns. Feels like "oh people use this now? shame if it suddenly became useless!''

  10. 36 minutes ago, Darkzero3802 said:

    Worth alittle. But considering Matt makes the decisions and he hasnt played

    Matt has played before. i have seen him on excatly twice in APB and once in fallen earth. now comparing that to a normal player well. um it isn't alot

    of course i can't say for personal account(s) as i do know devs/gms have personal account(s) to play normally not get bothered and so on so forth

  11. On 2/15/2024 at 1:31 PM, Frosi said:

    Trade locks are caused when you log in from a new IP, after a windows update or when you changed out parts in your PC since the last time you logged in. This usually only lasts for 3 days and aims to protect you from any sort of account theft.

    so why do i get a trade lock when i decided to random log in after 3 months of not playing. my pc has not change ip none of that. im just checking on my account.

  12. 11 hours ago, nimsosim said:

    Im just comming back to the game. I obviously noticed it gets really lagged out at times.

    Everyone just says "it needs a reset".

    Ok but what is causing the lag ? 


    I noticed there were players in the game giving shout outs for freeze and lag ahead.

    Almost like they were griefing somehow and forcing the game to lag and then braging about it.

    Im not sure about that but it seamed like it.


    Do you guys know what is causing the crazy lag at times ?

    Is it just to many players for the servers?

    Just curious mainly.

    Like others I really like this game but when its so laggy it's bad.

    as far as i know still sat and sunday do not get a down time. do to the age of the game and what ever is going on with the servers the game starts to bog down. This lag causes dupulcated items when crafting so it's often just a prime time for crafters, and outside of that? well the game is almost unplayable instanles fail to load emenies can freeze and hit you for well over 1k damage during the freeze looting nodes mobs and anything else can take 5 mins and missions will bug out being bale to complete or completed then you can redo them when the down time has happened.


    Over all it's best to try and play this between mon-fri and avoiding the weekends unless you want free ammo or what ever. OR you know you like suffering

  13. 6 hours ago, R3ACT3M said:

    Good question, I love shotguns in games but somehow they always end up feeling really bad. BF4 did it the best imo where if you miss your shot its over for you. But one shot was enough to get a take down. Hard to balance a game around a varying amount of players in a match, 3v3 4v4 5v5. They honestly should pick one then use their decision to balance guns. I personally always liked the matches where there's more players 5v5 or 6v6 where the game is pure chaos. The smaller the match the easier it is to have one side steam roll the other.

    Shotguns are a rare balance i ngames. some like doom have really good shotguns, But most it's like "welp you tried to fire over 5 feet now the spread can cover all of Alaska" and other such wierdness.

    And some games like new vegas you need to do a lot of work to make shotguns worth your time

  14. 4 hours ago, R3ACT3M said:

    IMO All guns in the game need to have their accuracy buffed WAY up. Then rebalanced with recoil. Trying to keep your crosshair on the target is more fun than trying to guess if the bullet is going to hit the target. I also think shotguns and smg's should be reworked so they have to be ADS to use. This would solve the problem of the smg meta as players wont be able to dodge bullets like NEO anymore. And with shotguns it could possibly help with the issue of popping in and out of cover.

    Shotguns still have that weird left to right spread? i remeber seeing that were you fire. then the pellets apper and go left to right. it was weird to see a game do that. and i do remember a lot of firing at a person missing every shot because i magically hit the wall left or right of me or some how the team mate i wasn't aiming at

  15. It takes until support gets off there fat lazy asses to do it.

    or if you used the same email as your steam account you should be able to just go ahead and do it.

  16. 50 minutes ago, R3ACT3M said:

    please don't encourage nerfs. They listened to us and now every gun in the game feels like garbage. Request more buffs of other guns and reworks of some others

    all guns need a damage + fire rate buff.

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