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    Yakuza Skin bug

    As seen below the 'Yakuza' weapon skin doesnt display correctly instead it will show the Prentiss tiger one. & While you're at it could we please have a Yakuza option for the N-TEC 7 'Ursus'
  2. Would be cool if we can get a API so link up some cool bots (discord etc)
  3. 1) Make these last 2 unlockable or make them level based My suggestion would be a unlock every 50 levels if not add them to the new contacs 2) Add a weapon set change to the inventory There would be a option to change the contents of these and customize them But the idea is when clicked your main/second & grenade will change to the pre-set one Ofcourse the current system will remain in place this would just be a extra 3) In character info Show your assists, would just be fun to know & missions track these anyway so shouldnt be hard to add 4) in Asylum Add mission specific tasks, kinda like the daily ones in normal districts But these will reset every mission and are easyer few examples: - Make 3 kill with [weapon type] - Hold/capture a objective - Get 1 grenade kill These hopefully will let people try out different guns To prevent this from being a massive JT gain i suggest to let them reward 5-10 tickets max
  4. Its the OS limitations. Applications can be modified to surpass this aslong you have a 64bit OS. But for the 'basic" user you are correct
  5. Been awhile since i used the forums and got most of the info from friends sorry for my ignorance. Thanks for the info
  6. Is there a future for this game? It all comes down to this question really, we have been promissed so much stuff and nothing seems to be happening.. To name some of the main features: - Engine upgrade - Weapon rebalance - Stable servers - New districts (this was said by old owners, so if this is not longer happening fair enough) - Better anti-cheat - New contacts Most can be found here: https://www.gamersfirst.com/apb/news/2019/7/23/content-update This was posted in July 23, 2019. Nearly 5 months ago and nothing has happend i would like some answers from the developers as the last proper statement was given around this time aswell. Im trying to not make this a rant as i love APB and ive been playing on and off for years. But seeing in still in the state the old owners left it in pretty much its sad.. You guys started off great alot of interaction with the community and updates but where are they now? This game used to be so populated but now it seems like it wont have much life left So did you guys give up on the game or we can expect changes soon?
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