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  1. This clearly shows that it is a problem from and thanks to BE. I think that LO should contact BE and tell them that suddently several players can't play their game anymore thanks to a BE bug. Deleting BE and re-installing it again does not work, it is most likely not on your side. What you could do is wait, or let LO know that you ALSO have this problem. In the meantime, it would not be bad to let BE know that this issue happens since like 2-5 days.
  2. If good weapons give you less kill-scores and weak weapons a higher score, this could balance the weaponsystem problem. Currently all the kills give you +100 score, with this system, the N-tec would give you just +70 score, while the blowtorch would give you +160. Nades +110, JG +70, HVR +100, and so on. Talking about balancy, this would ofc give the correct score for how good/bad a weapon is. Asssits stay the same, or get balanced aswell.
  3. Aimzique

    Ranking System

    I understand that it now (in APB's current state) should not be implemented, but I think this would definatly work out well if we had lots of more players, so we could fill up each rank district just with only that rank (just like what SML said.).
  4. Aimzique

    Ranking System

    Blue = Platinum to distinguish it from silver (Platinum is the new Gold. Gold would be the rank between the current Silver and Gold now.) White = Diamond (If you are clearly better than Platinum players.) Black = Worldclass (This rank is only obtainable if you play perfectly at all time. Only 0.1% of the playerbase might get this rank) * As you can see, the rank system goes beyond Rank 255. These Rank symbols would get you to R300 with 2 new contacts, which would take forever to complete. The maximum level of these contacts would be 20 and 25. * The green 'T' is the faction between the Criminals and the Enforcers, 'The Undercovers'. If you pick this faction you would have missions from both sides (this faction requires a new character to be made). This is to fill the gab between the amount of criminals and enforcers in the district (if this gab is the case, else it just randomizes you in a team of both factions.). If you play as a criminal, you have criminal contacts, if you play as enforcer, you have enforcer characters. This means that it takes twice as much time to max out your Undercover character. LTL weapons can NOT be used if you are in a Criminals team.
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