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  1. New York represent #1. Think this was only done just to get people online
  2. Any ETA on when social is coming back up?
  3. In real life though, auto shotguns aren't balanced with pump action. So the NFAS is honestly fine tbh, perfectly crafted from the Fail Factory™
  4. As stated bronze is really just filled with low tier golds and silvers. The golds in the silver districts are basically like the Global Elites from CS:GO.
  5. I think the game's performance overall and unstable servers is the cause as well
  6. Only problem is with the population being under 1,000, those 10% of players would be waiting for op for 30+ minutes in a district that doesn't even fill up until later hours. Or if any of those players even decide to play the game.
  7. Bronze seems to be not as much as a ghost town as silver on NA. tfw the only playable district is the one you actually can't get into.
  8. I'm too scared to play in silver cause I get anxiety attacks when I play against good players that make me go negative. It makes me wanna jump in-front of traffic. You can't really blame them either cause the low population can't serve as a proper matchmaking system. Hexerin bro you can own them, just use the meta and disgusting car gameplay tactics. Don't let that mission become a F A I L U R E. kekk
  9. It's a good plan layout to Start out the servers in NA and if any due occurrences, due to perhaps lack of funds for extra servers we can stay with NA. It's a good option to keep these servers in a country with a booming economy and has FBI ready on stand by. Occurrences of servers being stolen while 80 players disconnect all at once can happen and here in the US of A we got dem 6'5" swat men on standby. I would be down with a server in Stolckholm or preferably any where around Western europe so we NYC represents can get a decent ping on EU. (If we're seriously going to have a South American Server, put it in Mexico or in somewhere Central America. That way fair ping for every America North & South)
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