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  1. option to: - have a separate configuration for the sky (seperate sky from the environment (seperate TEXCAT field for the sky mb)) - have a separate configuration for the fence (seperate fence from the prop (again, mb a seperate TEXCAT field)) ^not sure if those r possible tbh^ - disable other players/cars customization (like with death themes) - disable circle blue/red waves over the radar when missions are on - trade joker tickets like apb$ option not to: - play vs groups (or friends/clan members who "accidentally" decided to ready up at the same time) proposals from the category of impossible: - toggle on/off different mouse sensitivity (player can have 2 or more mouse sensitivity settings (e.g. [14, 6] and [23, 10]) and can toggle it with certain button when needed) - option to have permanent night/day in action mission districts since some players prefer only day/night time (or at least more night cycles since it seems that day cycle takes 90% of the time) - separate place where you can test all the in game weapons available (from contacts, js and armas). by testing i mean testing how they handle (recoil, spread etc.)
  2. agreed 100%. premades r not fun at any mission size. option to choose would be great ye, but they cant cos low pop (i guess). for me 2s r perfect since u can predict stuff more or less, 3+s r 2 random for me
  3. 1s ye. 2v2 r the best if all players r solo, leave em alone
  4. imagine making mission targets closer and more balanced, yes please
  5. who

    Mid-Summer Sale 2023

    norseman hell, fursuit. thx
  6. who

    Mid-Summer Sale 2023

    can u pls add norseman hell to js when the next sale happens? ty
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