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  1. Wait, I don’t get it, the open beta is delayed? Or same time
  2. When we will get the premium, I want spend my money when there is a discount .
  3. And what does that mean ? I need explanations
  4. Wtf, why 6 hours if it is a normal maintenance
  5. nice symbols I can say tbh, I don’t see the point why you doing every Wednesday maintenance without reason or without any major updates .
  6. Alright, idk why I saw today the gold district is almost full
  7. please fix the spawns. we tired to take always cars. remove shitty weapons like: rsa with scope/harbinger. that's all. the rest was fine
  8. bruh, i am still lagging, nothing would be better....
  9. which time the event is going to start
  10. Stay safe everyone! Don’t let the strangers or someone to touch you, always wash your hands!. Matt, thanks for free premium, now I can rank up my Crim faster!
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