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  1. please fix the spawns. we tired to take always cars. remove shitty weapons like: rsa with scope/harbinger. that's all. the rest was fine
  2. bruh, i am still lagging, nothing would be better....
  3. which time the event is going to start
  4. Stay safe everyone! Don’t let the strangers or someone to touch you, always wash your hands!. Matt, thanks for free premium, now I can rank up my Crim faster!
  5. Nice to meet you new dummy staff community manager :D, jk
  6. Say good bye to 2019 and say hello to 2020
  7. Wtf, i can’t see my progression on achievements halloween (that they are not visible). It’s kinda annoying that you can’t see them. if I would send ticket to support they would answer after Halloween event
  8. name ingame: Machine659 name server: Citadel EU i made panda costume with clothes. (i made all the symbols on the costume) little edit with panda mask
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