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  1. Cylen


    I love nr 1!!! That's a good one thanks for sharing all these they are all quite great places and some of them not easy to come by ! ^.^
  2. Cylen


    1) correct !!! 2) bit further than deadfall These are also some nice ones, Eric! Thanks for sharing ps: ever dipped into the toxic ponds at boneclaw, or got stuck in the bounding box in the little lake in the middle of new flagstaff?
  3. Cylen


    Would be a glorious idea But believe me, I've been there.. there is nothing to see very boring walk around those parts! But there are enough spots to discover though, and places to get into that are rather unusual or normally not meant to be entered. Got any own experiences to share ?
  4. Cylen


    and one more
  5. "A wild Cylen appears in spot X" So.. recently while i am still working on having stood once on top of every building in FE, I have thought why not share this (definitely "questionable") experience with you .. and ask you to get yourself into weird spots as well and share the screenshots of joy / despair with all of us ? First off let's start with this location.. can you guess where it is ? (this one is easy to find out :)) Second of - can you get there too ? Or what other weird location do you know to squeeze yourself in by the usage of magical trickery and voodoo ? (*cough collisionfail*) PS: Do at own risk - If you get stuck somewhere permanently it might take a while until I can get you out into freedom
  6. Cylen

    Wipe Server Clean

    "A wild Cylen occurs" Service announcement: It is correct that the old forum's existence ended with the take over by LO, so now there is a new and shiny forum. But it can give wrong insight in how long a player, helper, tester, (or GM >.>) has been around. That's it - thank you for your attention ! Moving on.. need to find new roofs to stand on.. maybe Alpha country.. i don't think i have reached my goal to be standing on the roof of every building in FE once... YET ! #lifegoals
  7. that is a rare one especially the nude part. it sounds like for some reason all needed files weren't grabbed or there was an issue with connection to the server to draw all needed data. glad it solved itself after a short time !
  8. Cylen

    Halloween Event 2018

    "A wild Cylen occurs" ... just chiming in.. wanting to say.. no matter the debate where to take the game to, and if it is still played or not. I just love to see all the long time players still being around, and additionally I wanted to give a shout-out to the many helpful players I still, after this long time, keep encountering. ..or even more so now where the community is mostly made of a big portion of long time players, I am always getting a warm and fuzzy feel-feel when I see you guys making events, helping new players, still adding valuable information to the FE-Wiki trying to add every last item and or drop, or showing up like now to go through the halloween event! Or in other words... (creepy side-note) I AM WATCHING YOU >.>