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  1. I feel like those "little" issues are happening too often. I suppose people did mention this already. But c'mon.. we're almost one year further and it feels like the game only got worse in the meanwhile. I know we're waiting for the "re-make" and there is little to do in the meanwhile, but the longer it takes I feel less like coming back. Even if FE would be "fixed".
  2. PvP is a big part of the game. I think PvP used to be a reason a lot of people played. A lot of people also play for the RP and PvE, don't get me wrong. I think what people mean to say @Aroa Croft, we've heard your ideas over and over again. We get it and we know what you want. As Matt said he doesn't know yet what he'll exactly do, he's waiting the new engine + code and sees from there. Let's just wait and see okay?
  3. You should also drop some instacraft tables! Maybe at Citadel, so newer people know the location.. and it looks so dead for a while.
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