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  1. You can join their stream as pve side. Laniel as a surprise guest. Nah, Dracio would be better.
  2. Nysek knows the heck out of the game, pretty much the perfect guy for this Q&A and ofc more footage of nysek(for the memes)
  3. Should add no healing to that then, Because I'd just go faction I'm fighting against and be a healer with nano. Unless everyone is going to go rainbow, I honestly don't think that suggestion will do anything. Having some perks associated with faction would be nice. But idk, faction was pointless since I started playing.
  4. Mass unban might feel bad at first but it will sort itself out eventually, talking about economy is kind of ridiculous at this point, because it's dead anyway I don't see how it can get worse. As unbanned player I'm happy to have my original account back, having all my toons for low sectors pvp back would be nice but not really changes much for me. If population grows at least a little bit due to everyone getting unbaned I'm ok with that.
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