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  1. Some shotguns have it premodded, the TAS for example and Country Gent
  2. It does kinda works, it does makes Marksman mode less zoomed out and your crosshair does get smaller when you hipfire but you don't actually gain any accuracy boost, it doesn't change the spread either.
  3. I find them annoying to verse but i wouldn't call that op, no.
  4. I once dreamed ( Dreamt? sorry i'm not english so i'm not sure wich one is correct) that i was good at the game, but then i woke up
  5. If it's an actual Beta then yes,i hope so at least, currently Alpha/Beta/Test builds lost their meanings and most of the time they are just Demos that get no changes.
  6. Well, Silver is the sweet spot imo, Gold is unfun because people trash on me since i'm terrible and bronze is also unfun because they are new players. So i guess i kinda agrees?
  7. It's underpowered if anything, the only thing going for it is that it's easy to use and that it has a cool looking model imo
  8. None, to my knowledge, it's just a very fast firing with fast TTK gun, only downside being abysmall hipfire and that it blooms stupidly fast.
  9. Q1. What are some of the craziest things done by you, so that a player who experienced it for a while wont forget you no matter what. Some guy called Wazabi...something, don't remember the full name, just that he's a crazy person always ranting about weird stuff and hackusating everyone who kill him and his StunOPGL squad. He gave me some good laughs with his overall attitude. Q2. Whats your identity in the game? Let it be something unique. I used to be toxic as hell in this game because i suck at it, so that was my overall reputation if i ever had one to begin with. And for my character look, i'm not original, bikini+random tactical gear + gasmask and a skin color as white as porcelain. Q3. Define a player who is best with a particular gameplay style/ is crazy about something in game. Uuuuuuuuuuuh, Wasabi again i guess since he's completly nuts ? other than that, i can't really say, i don't remember much since it's been a while that i've launched this game.
  10. You used to be able to via surveys, but with all the bullshits sites full of malware this stuff would lead you to...i don't think it's coming back, sorry dude.
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