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  1. I don't mind either actually.. But if you develope a new engine and you put it on OTW, you actually want as much people to test it right. So where is the sense of putting it on "premium access only".
  2. Why would they put OTW on "premium access". Just that less peoples test the new UE3.5 ...?
  3. Seriously i actually don't mind if it comes this years. 2k19 January or February would be fine tho.
  4. Since the BattleEye patch, everyone knew already it won't work. Same cheaters cheating since the BE patch and..? Surprise!!! They still not banned yaaaaaay!
  5. Everyone so hopeless... yikes. Wait till end of the year.
  6. The only thing i want to hear from Matt is, "Yes, UE3.5 will be on OTW end of this year".
  7. Would be great if the OTW Server would be EU sided and not NA sided.. I really hate testing with 200ms and tp lags.
  8. GTX 1060 OC 6GB I7-7700K 4,5Ghz 2400Mhz DDR4 16GB 100K inet connection. Same problems as you ludde.
  9. Checked my screenshot folder. Didn't made one. Though why would i, at least 70 peoples read that in the Social District.
  10. "There might be a chance that we will finish APB UE3.5 end of this year" -ComFeyer
  11. Can APB run smooth?... a question which no one can answer.
  12. A few mission has been broken with the patches as well. Such CREME DE LA CRIME, where you have to wait till the time is over to get the new stage (Pickup stages). Wasting 25min just to pickup the items yikes.
  13. So.. Since a few patches back, i'm experiencing issues i never had befor. (Especially since the Halloween patch) First of all the FPS problem, after the Halloween patch came out, i couldn't run more on 125 FPS stable (Mission Districts/Fight Club), literally my fps goes down every 25 seconds to 45. Even after each kill it drops down to 35/45 (Fightclub sided). Then the hitreg problem, i actually have no words for that. Since.. i don't know.. almost 3 weeks im getting extrem poor hitreg. Exponentially increased since the Halloween patch. No matter which gun. Never experienced this kind of hitreg even in G1s time. Last but not least, ms/packet loss issue. I seriously, never had perma packet loss in my whole APB time. Since days i keep getting 1.00/2.00 PL. No it's no my connection, i've checked it already. Better proof, i can run all other games i have with a perfect connection, just APB not. ----------------- Another thing.. BattleEye. I keep seeing the same cheaters for month with the same blatant cheats. They are even streaming with the cheats (Everyone probaly knows who i mean). So the question is, is BattleEye even working properly? (Fun question, everyone knows the answer)
  14. You don't even need a programm for that. Gaming monitors have custom crosshair integrated. Like the monitor from my brother, in his options you can activate "Screen Custom Crosshair (Gaming mode need to be enabled)"
  15. What so ever, customizable crosshairs should be an suggestion. Such in cs:go, where you can choose between static or dynamic.
  16. Oldschool: Point the middle of your screen with a edding
  17. Rank doesn't matter in APB. Everyone reaches R255 sooner or later. What so ever, yes, matchmaking is kinda broken. Everyone had those situation like, matching up against the same players/groups over and over again. Though in this case, the matchmaking (backup system) needs a rework. Things i've notice Example: 3 Golds vs 4 Golds, the 3 man team is able to call backup. Chances(backup): To get a gold (let's say 30%), To get a Silver/Bronze (70%) (if there is not a group player outside the mission) Info (Might be not true): Obviously i think it depends on the District Threat population as well (Like how much golds/silver/bronzes are in the district). Of course the chances for the backup starts variating by this. Solution for a new Matchmaking which i've heard !! WIT = What i think !! Rank based matchmaking, means R0-R100, R101-R195, R196-R255. WIT: This is a pure potato idea. Threat based matchmaking WIT: More potato. Skill based matchmaking. WIT: Nah, wouldn't recommend it. Though with this APB population it wouldn't work anyway. Remove threats and let the ranks. WIT: And then what? More potatos? Create new districts for Beginners, Newcomer, Experienced, Professional. WIT: That's what the threat system contains... Rework the threat system to make threats harder to achive which makes the matchmaking easier. WIT: In which way easier? Brainstorm with the Devs including the Community. WIT: Agreed
  18. Agreed. This changes which have been made due LOs time now here, wouldn't happend if G1 would still have the lead.
  19. Hitreg How can it be, that this hitreg is so bugged out, while i've heard "It's tweaked". Example: Today i've had multiple CQC shotgun fights.. i seriously had to hit over 6 times just to kill one. Those shots were body pointed, please comon. Same with the RFP, the opp was standing AFK on the road, the first 3 burst shots ghosted complettly out. Still had to fire another 5 bursts to kill him on 14 meters.. Ha Ha rofl. Bugging names Opp drove towards me and jumped out. His name disappeard complettly. Happed kinda alot to me since the Server restart from 12.10.2018. Hitbox didn't exist for a moment[Not confirmed at all] Same situation. Opp is standing AFK on the road. I've jumped out, but when i aimed on him, my crosshair did not even turn red. I could not even hit him. It's like his hitbox didn't exist in that moment. (No he was already out of the spawn protection) !!I could have proof it with the screenshot, but somehow the game didn't create it.!! Car hitbox Self explaining. Everyone had this situation. Jumping away from the car, but the opp still kills you without actually hitting you with the car. Hitmarkers/Crosshair In the past days, i've got them hitmarks rarely. Same that the crosshair just don't turn red if ur aiming on someone.
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