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  1. I hope it never gets released in ps5, i doubt they get any decent revenue worth keeping it... and it can affected economically the PC version leading the company to debt and we lose apb reloaded forever.
  2. as soon as it ends, they should give up on it and never look at consoles anymore. that obligation i guess it comes from G1 times? Thanks for answering.
  3. i actually dont understand why they even invest time and money on consoles, because 1st: end of the console generation, 2nd: do they really get any revenue that is worth having the servers costs and so on?
  4. Then we add a normal "account life time" for kits as we do for the weapons, like 1000g1c for character and 1500g1c for account.
  5. Thanks all, would be great if this pack had an account wise option.
  6. I dont know where to put this topic, so if this is the wrong sub just move to the correct one. My question is: "Performance Kit MEGA Pack" (Bishada and Jericho - Kit 1 and 2) are Character-lifetime or Account-lifetime? The store is so confusing sometimes. Thanks for helping.
  7. finally someone could tell me what i wanted to heard xD Thanks for the help mate, upgrading this laptop maded with nacos is out of question. I need to just buy a proper desktop, and leave this to my work /daily basics. the problem is..when you are gold/silver(im in the border) and i can bang people´s patootie hard, so.. imagine if i had a proper pc with a decent internet xD
  8. thats old af. im talking about LO changes for 2018-2019 But thanks for the blog link.. gave me some nostalgia.
  9. why nobody its able to give me a solid response xD I already saw that x64 its coming... but will it make the game more stable and friendly to low/mid specs PCs?
  10. actually, roof acess, its a credit to Dopefish, i remember his post on G1 forums few years ago... if im not mistaken, one of the most viewed posts of all time. He did gave a very complete information full of images, what G1 should do where, and how. So... you should not give credit to G1 about this matter.
  11. you know, the best part of this, his "headshots teory and APB sucks and APB p2w" its all based on youtube videos... Opinion based on himself with game experience, forum reading, understanding whats best to everybody = 0.
  12. jesus christ.. he was trolling... everybody loves APB because we dont get instant kill with headshots... Its known for being a hard game. Get over it, dont feed the this troll post, like seriously.. soon its the most trending one EVER in apb forums. xD
  13. what do you mean? + nobody yet was able to reply to my question, you think we will need to upgrade our machines in the near/mid future, our they will optimize the game to a point where our potatos can run the game easily?
  14. @Lislya pff i dont know, as im on vacation, but i can say its a laptop (i know... not sugested for gaming) its a i7 dual core(with turbo, i guess can go for 2.8ghz, not sure) with 2gb amd, 8gb ram. I get 25-35fps, jumping constantly between them. I know... xD I tried apb launcher, but i kinda struggle alot with the settings, and i always put the screen color bugged, like a rainbow... so i always end up with lowest setting of the original APB options. So with all of your replies, means that... after the next engine upgrade... people like me (30fps brotherhood) will not be able to play the game?
  15. Hey, i want to ask this question directly to Matt or any dev member of Little Orbit. Im an OBT player since G1 launch of this game, so... i have many years of experience in this game (not skill tho, but knowledge) and i never wasted a penny for g1, but for you guys, i already did and a significant amount. What im trying to say here, is ... i do have intentions to waste money on this game, as a support for all your work and i actually expect many good things from you... but i started wondering... about game performance. Unfortunately, i lack of a good computer, i play on a 30 fps computer, and upgrading my machine its not a option for me. In f2p games like Trove or Heroes and Generals (apologize me if in your forum rules we cant tell/refer other games) they were pretty acessible games at their launch, but the game companies, improved the games to a point where low/mid computers couldnt run the game anymore. So, my question with all of this is: Will you guys improve the game performance where i and many others players with a low spec PCs can run a game with better fps and such, or will you imporve the game, where we will need to upgrade it, in order to play smoothly? Thanks for everything you have been doing to the game!
  16. this is me.... im a terrible against golds, but in bronzies, i kick people patootie easily, i NEVER dethreath, and i see those players with a really bad eyes, i usually dont kill them, or if they suicide, i make sure they kill me with their nades/explosions, so they have dificult to lose their gold. Now i saw some players like me, they are very good silvers, but they lack on skill in gold. Whats our fault? We gonna be kicked to get to your district after 2 missions on gold? no sense. The only solution to this is really penalize dethreaths players and make a more reasonable threath ranks... or atleast make low silvers into bronze, silvers and low golds into silver. And keep real Golds in their area. Idk its really complicated, mainly when we are talking in 700 players daily on citadel.. we are outnumbered to play. i guess
  17. as long it keep being a sniper, high damage and be able to do the work as it.
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