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  1. As we say in Texas about people like ol' Socksy here, the porch light's on but ain't no one home. Dude could start an argument in an empty house. Oh, and speaking of arguments: start by Googling Atatiana Jefferson and maybe one day you'll manage to come within a light year of a sack of wet mice.
  2. Someone ain't got much experience with the typical American 'hood. Some of the best damn chicken, fish, barbecue, burgers, etc be coming from gas stations, usually in neighborhoods lily-livers avoid because "sketchy". Ain't much I miss about Texas, but Lisa's Fried Chicken is one of 'em. Anyone passing through Tarrant County and likes them some good chicken - stop at a Lisa's. There's several locations, some of which - including the aforementioned - are also gas stations.
  3. VIP missions of any kind. They need to be actually fixed. The band-aid approach ain't working, as it's easily exploitable. Had the joy of being in a 2v2 VIP mission where the VIP got in a dad gummed Moirai and was able to get that thing up to a speed that my Pioneer couldn't keep up with. The slowdown mechanic obviously didn't work there. Fix for real, or remove altogether. And don't even get me started on being on the defense side of that VIP mess...
  4. Cool vocals on top of a catchy underlying melody. 8/10.
  5. 1. Log onto APB in the evening, primetime, when there's more than enough people online to play and have variety. It sounds like you're logging on when most of us Jericho people are at work/school or asleep. Of course there won't be much of anyone on at noontime or 5 AM on the East Coast. Of course we're less populated than Citadel. But the game is by no means this complete ghost town, except when one could reasonably expect it to be. And yes, that applies to Waterfront, too. Play when other people are on. 2. Your repetitive, whiny threads are getting tiresome. First the bellyaching about shotguns, then some other garbage I can't be bothered to remember, and now this. Dude - brotha - you are a gold and you're on like this. I'm a straight-up True Silver and when the changes were made and I started getting my face melted off by all the shotguns galore... I simply started strategizing to counter them. And guess what? I'm doing fine now, and not posting annoying forum threads. Win some, lose some, occasional tie. If you're constantly losing, like you said you are (either in this one or the other thread), you're trying to bash the triangular peg into the square hole when you simply need to change holes. The kicker, though, was in the other one (similar to this one, natch) where you complained about not having friends to play with. here's a tip: perhaps be nice to your friends, and they won't become former friends, like I did. being a bellyaching jerk is one of the things that will, indeed, leave you no one to play with.
  6. San Paro is a dystopian city, and typically, dystopian settings tend to be rather drab. Even most of the "crapsaccharine world" dystopias are. SP would look quite "off" if it was too "vibrant". This ain't Disney World, after all. I, personally, kinda like the "retro-futuristic" feel of APB. Though I do have to admit the huge tube TVs are a bit much.
  7. Well, I, personally, mainly do the explosives thing with OSMAW/OPGL. Occasionally I'll break out a sniper rifle. Works for me.
  8. That's plenty within a reasonable range of a shotgun. So, in a nutshell, you want shotguns to only do the trick if they're right up on you like the white on rice?
  9. Put that skill of yours to work and strategize to counter the shotgun user(s). Easy peasy lemon squeezy. Blaming LO here is disingenuous - at best. A shotgun from ~65 feet taking you out is not unreasonable.
  10. Bless your heart. This is a good idea, too, to add to the suggestions for fixing this particular mechanic. In that mission I mentioned earlier, I evaded two golds with Vegases in my Pioneer for like three minutes. That should count for something
  11. Because, once again, words have meaning. Ain't no State/Federal National Guard, Army, Navy, etc enforcing emergency military law in San Paro; Enforcers are city-backed pseudo-cop vigilantes. Therefore, no martial law. I already mentioned what balances it out earlier, including with an invitation for a discussion on such; you simply failed to read it with an open mind and went for the "crims just want it easy" card.
  12. Free monetarily, yes. But nothing is "free" in terms of the time you spend doing it; that includes APB. Once again, this is a video game with an unrealistic premise. Ramraiding in San Paro (unrealistic game) =/= ramraiding in San Francisco (real life). For the second time, if APB were realistic, San Paro would be under martial law. But it isn't, and a decent game has balance between factions.
  13. "Just" time? Time is, indeed, a cost. It's the only unrecoverable cost, actually, so that makes it a pretty major one. And if "failure" now consists of things like merely driving down a road in an urban area, or showing up to a singular point that's required of someone to complete a task... then I guess you need to phone up Merriam-Webster and tell them the news that words no longer have meaning.
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