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  1. If you're at a point where you need bodies on the build to see how it will break, let's do it and communicate that heavily, along with the known issues. Even put the known issues on the splash screen so nobody can miss it. It sounds like you're happy enough to move forward with the build and not just trying to show progress to calm people down, so no point holding it up for the fullscreen stuff. It is something that you will need to fix for Live, but I suspect the beta will uncover other things that'll take time to fix in parallel with that.
  2. You guys seem to have killed the old blog (pls fix) so I can't reference it easily, but back before the acquisition one of the posts talked about an internal branch with some PC-specific enhancements already existing. Was this something usable and already merged into the console build that you're working back from? Also, is there anything in this process that could have made the old, non-Scaleform parts of the UI perform any less shitty? If not, it seems that finishing the transition away from the old UI is possibly the single biggest performance uplift we have to look forward to, though I realize this means a lot of screens to redo. Thanks!
  3. I feel like the way you're downplaying wheelies is a bit disingenuous. It's not just an emote on the road, it's something that allows for some really creative jumps in missions. On the scale of one behavior or mechanic it's maybe surviveable so Kewlin's statement is a bit dramatic too, but on the whole you really want to be careful not to throw the baby out with the bath water. I think there is a small set of things that make APB unique and compelling. One is what everyone is conscious of, all the avenues for customization. Another is the way missions use the map's city blocks, essentially stringing together a playlist of individual maps, sometimes combining two or more together in the same mission stage, in a way making it procedural. And one is all the different ways you can use vehicles in combat without them actually having weapons on them, which is where wheelies come in. The game doesn't work if the client and server aren't stable, and stable performance doesn't carry the game if it loses what makes people want to play it. And somewhere in there is the way the movement system never focuses on animation to the detriment of 1:1 control, don't ever change that pls
  4. For a brief time Airmech was hosted on Gamersfirst, I wanna say around 2014 give or take. There were a few cross promotions, like a plane skin in airmech with blinkly enforcer lights and some airmech posters in the back of APB's social district. Hey! Waiting for the engine update of course!
  5. To further clarify or more likely confuse, if I recall correctly Reloaded Games was just the new name for K2 which owned GamersFirst (which was the actual game delivery platform, not the company) along with whatever development studios were under the Reloaded Productions name. There was also kind of an offshoot business arm that was offering the technology behind G1 as a product, I'm guessing you guys either have that or it's at least prevented in some way from operating independently. And then RG (formerly K2) is just dead in the water and LO took its place as the root of the family tree, so to speak?
  6. Semi-unrelated, but I'm curious if you guys have any relation to Hawken at this point, either the dead PC version or the console ones that I think are still live.
  7. I was really concerned around the time of the acqusition when you guys were talking about BR modes and how this game was a precursor to it all because 100 players. Any development is welcome but I just hope this isn't your master plan for the game and you'll continue to play to its core strengths. BR wasn't an automatic savior even a year ago, even under the direction of CliffyB as evidenced by Radical Heights.
  8. RTW keys never did anything in APB Reloaded, if memory serves. When you hear "retail code" that's typically referring to the bundle of account-wide items released by Iceberg Interactive.
  9. I stopped buying G1C in 2013 after the first big restructuring. In that time I bought enough that I automatically got every loyalty reward as they were released. I wish I could have the confidence in the game's health to get back in, but Little Orbit need to drop a marketable turnaround that builds on the game's existing strengths, and then actually market it to revitalize the population.
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