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  1. rofl, i aint even gonna reply to you trying to claim "false bans" justifies unbanning known cheaters, who even confirmed it themselves several times. Those people have also been vile as fuck, and never publically apologized for fucking up the game for so many people. Enjoy being friends with those "loyal" people Lixil. It's cute you not denying how you were in that Discord though, as this thread was collapsing around your persona, needing some validation, and didnt come out until i called you out on your disgusting favoritism. Go ahead, clean up the thread, use "ToS" as a way of downplaying how badly you executed your job today. I for one am disappointed in you, and honestly hope you will take a while, maybe listen to the circlejerks you like so much on discord and disable making money off the community, that you're already getting PAID to manage.... scuffed lol.
  2. she is ruining her own job by her own actions. What you do in your free time falls back on the company. And banning people (i wasn't banned...) for asking her calmly why she is playing with cheaters (who stated themselves they cheated multiple times)... What a great CM. Nah fam, she is doing this to herself. But hey, let's have another sale and forget this
  3. @Nite because it's looking like shit is super corrupted again... Lixil is basically using the community to get viewers and subs, but bans players when people question why she plays with banned players. It honestly doesn't bode well. I tried asking her, without going directly at the issue, if what she does in her free time doesn't affect her work place... she wouldn't give a straight answer to that - because yes it does. G1 played favors to certain people in the community. Lixil is basically doing the same now, with having that natzu dude and sadira as mods in her stream, being friends with them on steam, and playing with them on stream. It's not what a CM should do, certainly not in the early stages of a takeover, where the majority of the community is still wary as fuck to the corruption that was G1 before... Then trying to fast delete a thread cause someone mentioned the most known cheater in apb lol. Looks like her trying to cover up her actions.
  4. My main issue with what happened today, was how you and your "strict" mods as you call them, just banned everyone who questioned why you decide to play with someone with + double digits amount of bans in his backpack, many of them he owned up to. Sure they all got a "clean slate", but you don't have to glorify them, do you? And banning people who your job is to I N T E R A C T with as a C O M M U N I T Y M A N A G E R, because they are confused about your actions, is really corrupt in my opinion. You come off just as bad as previous APB CM's. You kept trying to say "this is my PRIVATE STREAM GUYS, I'm just trying to HAVE FUN". But like I said, what you do in your free time, reflects back on the company. You basically just shat on all the people who had to endure someone cheating against them countless of times.... but hey, ban the people raising questions against you, instead of actually trying to explain people who doesn't get it, right? Really seems corrupt. Also, I did not wanna be banner bearer for this crusade against you, but you deleted @Hornster's thread whgich basically did the same...
  5. They will delete this thread 100% since Lixil is basically new modsquad 21, deleting threads she doesn't like personally. What a great start really... Was nice knowing you Hornster. I will most likely be banned for writing this too.
  6. @MattScott Please check discord - urgently! Regarding false text/marketing in one of the ARMAS listings Actually, gonna send to @Lixil too!
  7. In a game without a leader board, and where all the big names and owners only care about one thing; reputation, I feel like it should be announced who is/was cheating just my opinion though. And haha the boss fight reference is a good tip. Although I much more prefer to bang my head in the desk - Kempington style
  8. I personally don't understand the whole no naming and shaming policy you wanna run. I mean yes, it does create options for toxic sites like ffbans to be run. And I get no bigger games are publically announcing bans. But when you're a community of like 2k active players, it'd be nice to know if I'm just silver at heart (which is the case tbh), or if that rank 140something gold that smashed me the last few days in waterfront was a cheater, since I never see him around anymore... Furthermore, I don't see why we should have any respect towards those trying to ruin the game. It's funny hearing (now un-)banned cheaters crying about how people talked shit about them after they got banned... I mean, what did you expect when you try and ruin the game for everyone? But that being said, thanks for at least keeping us updated on the status of bans. The majority of us do want a clean game, and this is steps in right direction
  9. Anyone wonder what team I cheer for in the World Cup ??
  10. Anyone familiar with the blizzard forums, know that once an official blizzard employee has replied to a thread, it will show on the page that shows all threads. Furthermore, once you are in a thread, you can jump to "next blue post". Is there any way that could be added @Lixil ? Would be really neat to keep track of replies like that. Thanks in advance!