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  1. In a game without a leader board, and where all the big names and owners only care about one thing; reputation, I feel like it should be announced who is/was cheating just my opinion though. And haha the boss fight reference is a good tip. Although I much more prefer to bang my head in the desk - Kempington style
  2. I personally don't understand the whole no naming and shaming policy you wanna run. I mean yes, it does create options for toxic sites like ffbans to be run. And I get no bigger games are publically announcing bans. But when you're a community of like 2k active players, it'd be nice to know if I'm just silver at heart (which is the case tbh), or if that rank 140something gold that smashed me the last few days in waterfront was a cheater, since I never see him around anymore... Furthermore, I don't see why we should have any respect towards those trying to ruin the game. It's funny hearing (now un-)banned cheaters crying about how people talked shit about them after they got banned... I mean, what did you expect when you try and ruin the game for everyone? But that being said, thanks for at least keeping us updated on the status of bans. The majority of us do want a clean game, and this is steps in right direction
  3. Anyone wonder what team I cheer for in the World Cup ??
  4. Anyone familiar with the blizzard forums, know that once an official blizzard employee has replied to a thread, it will show on the page that shows all threads. Furthermore, once you are in a thread, you can jump to "next blue post". Is there any way that could be added @Lixil ? Would be really neat to keep track of replies like that. Thanks in advance!
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